22 October 2011

Well, hello Diabetes, it's 3:26 a.m. WHAT do you want?

(Sometimes, when my diabeetus ain't treatin me right, I like to call her by her gov'ment name.)

So unlike the other night, when I was up at 2:19 am with low blood sugar, this time, I forgot to increase my basal insulin before I went to bed, as per the custom for this particular week of the month. (Each week is different. YAY!) That translates into HIGH blood sugars. Know how I said the low blood sugar dreams consist of gross foods like sweaty cheese? Well the high ones consist of me guzzling water from any and everywhere I can find it.

So, after dreaming of drinking a never ending bottle of ice cold water (at Carter Finley Stadium??) ...
 ... I woke up at 3:26 am. Thirsty as all get out. 

Blood sugar: 336

That's okay though, because it at least MADE SENSE. The kind that drive me ape are the ones that come out of left field and I'm like WTH are you doing to me, diabeetus?!

Anyway, I woke up, peed, which woke Brody up and of course he starts barkin like somebody's breakin in the house. Then, I was about to go downstairs to the kitchen. But, conveniently there on the nightstand was a full glass of water my hubs had poured before bed. He is weird like that. Water is like his security blanket or somethin. He always has a glass of water poured and sitting nearby. And he never drinks it all. Ever. Weird.  But, convenient for me in this instance. I, on the other hand hate water and try to force myself to drink it to avoid drying up. After water guzzlage, I bolused to fix the high, and then I increased my basal to 145% like it should have been in the first place. 

Then I got back in bed, and my sensor is alerting me HIGH PREDICTED. Well, thanks, Shug, you're a little late. But, whatev, better than nothin. I guess if I wasn't mega dehydrated, I wouldn't have woken up from a high on my own. So yes, thank you, sensor.
Isn't it funny to hear diabetics talk about bein high all the time? People would look at us a lil weird when I was little and my mama would be like, "You're probably high." Hahaha. And speakin of funnies, wouldn't it be awesome to be able to program your pump's alerts?

HIGH PREDICTED = "Girrrrl, you are high as a kite!"
LOW PREDICTED = "You betta get you some juice or suh-um!"
Repeatedly ignoring the incessant beeping = "Do you hear me?! Don't MAKE me start vibratin on yo @**!"

I crack myself up.

I laid there ...

and laid there ...

But, I learned awhile back to use these random can't-fall-back-asleep times wisely. Here's what I did.

watched Anj sleep
Creepy? Nooo, he looks like a sweeeet widdle baby.

talked to God 
 (silently so I wouldn't wake Anj)
I thanked Him for helping me learn and grow into what He wants me to be through even difficult situations, I asked Him for His guidance and then for my courage to follow that guidance, I thanked Him for all he has done to help people I love. You see, I have watched Him pull people from situations that I just knew would take a miracle. But,  
He did it. 
I also thanked him for sending us the most amazing gift in Brody-licious because that dog has brought so much light into my life and really our whole family's lives, if you think that sounds stupid, then kindly click the red x at your top right. If you are an Apple person, I don't know what to tell y'all to click? kisses! I prayed for friends and loved ones who are going through a difficult time right now, and I just chit chatted with Him like we were at Starbucks drinkin Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Took a picture of myself while blogging.
 I'm one of those disgusting people who doesn't wash her face before bed. Sorry for frightening you.

Thought Fantasized about what I will order at Jus Enuff
 in a little over three hours  mmmmm.

Wondered what I will wear to my friend Lindsey's wedding 
which we need to leave for in about 8 hours.

Thought about errands this week:
- Brody's accessories for Halloween
- mine and Boegerlicious's accessories for Halloween 
- hair appointment on Tuesday excitement! 

Pondered ways to get ahead on Christmas shopping

Then I decided to get up and blog because I can't sleep anyway. It is now 5:58 am. Now my stomach is growlin. I'ma go find some cheese or suh-um. :'(

Hope y'all's Saturday is made of all the wonderful things you hoped it'd be and more! 


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♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Awww - sorry you didn't get a good night's sleep you poor thing! Your mind wanders like mine does though...lol.