20 October 2011

Rain, Target & the Joy of Pnut Buttah

Call me a weirdo, but I love rainy night trips to Target. First of all, I have been wanting a better teasing tool for my thin, baby fine hair, especially since no matter what I do, my crown shows FULLY WHOLLY AND COMPLETELY OBVIOUSLY. No matter what. I saw this gizmo over on Pink Lou Lou's site, and I liked the idea but I am impatient, and didn't want to order online and have to wait for it, so I thought, I bet they got somethin close at good ole Tar Jay, right?

So, we needed groceries anyhoo, so off we went, in the pourin down rain. Poor Sylvia was strugglin to navigate through all that water. And she need her some new windshield wipers, Anj Davis. Wink, wink.

Anyhoo, we arrived at the Tar Jay safely, and here are some things I was especially excited about. You know, stuff you bought, but you don't feel guilty because it's not really shoppin, it's just stuff you picked up while buyin groceries.

Morning crack deliciousness
and the coffee was on sale for $6.99!!!
My sensor is a bit awkward, bless her heart and she attaches to my body on one end, but the other end of her flops away from my body, makin yankage out of my body highly likely. So, she has to be strapped down like a mental patient. The regular band-aids I've been using ain't gettin it.

we are currently in trial mode ... band-aid's still there because it hurts to take em off ... TMI? Just imagine the hotness during beach season. ;)

Movin on ....

here's the conair version of PLL's brush ... it was $5.49 at target, and I LIKES. Couldn't find it on the Target website, but you can get 'em at Walgreens, CVS, etc.

and oh how I DO love me some honeycrisp apples - to me fall = extra apple consumption

after we returned from our Tar Jay extravaganza, we split this bad boy because 80g of carbs is too much at one time for this sister in diabeetus.

And no, hubs can't leave well enough alone. He thinks all apples must have peanut butter - even candy ones. I have NEVER seen him just eat a friggin apple. 

What a friggin weirdo.

I tried it.

It was awesome.

What it isn't realllly shopping purchases do YOU get excited about?


Southern Belle said...

um why was I not informed about the pumpkin spice coffee being on sale?! and I am happy to report I now have your brother hooked on pumpkin spice and light whipped cream as well. :)

Amber said...

How is it that I went to Costco, Ollies and Dollar Tree. Of my 3 transactions guess which one was the mostest??? The freakin Dollar Tree. Geez Louise. Doe my life now border on that of no purpose?

Candace Stevenson said...

Those Caramel apples look soooooooooooooo good. I seriously need to eat them like right this second
Lovely Little Rants

two birds said...

i'm with your hubs on this one. i grew up thinking apples and peanut butter was candy! and to this day, i love it, my kids love it...yum! interesting about that teasing brush...i might have to try it out!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Oh man I am loving your blog!! You are crackin me up!! New follower!