02 October 2011

Stuff My Dads Say

Dad - Gene - Born and raised Ohio, lived in PA, GA, SC and NC

"crime 'n netley" = "crime in Italy" - "Crime n netley, Mack, this bike is still filthy!"

"holy mackrel" = "holy mackerel" - "Holy Mackerel, this $h!t's all over the floor! How was I spost to know you couldn't put regular dish soap in the dishwasher?!"

"busier'n a one-armed paper hanger" = "busier than a one-armed paper hanger" - "Hell, it finally quit rainin, so today we were busier'n a one-armed paper hanger at the job."

"flustrated" = "flustered/frustrated" combo - "Hey, I told the girl on the phone, 'I'm gettin pretty flustrated with this damn prescription. YOU straighten it out. You're the pharmacist!"

"jumpin jelly beans" = "jumpin jelly beans" - "Jumpin jelly beans! It's pourin down out there!"

"seen" = "saw" - "I seen where they was puttin a new Lowe's up on 55."

F.I.L. - Silas - Born and raised southwest NC

Here he is with a hot young thang - Ms. Boegerlicious, done spilled somethin on his tie. Typical Silas. :)

"kindly" = "kind of"- "He was kindly sick lookin."

"tar" = "tire" - "That tar looks like it needs some air."

"poosh" = "push" - "Are you pooshin or pullin back there?"

"wedge" = "wage" - "Well, they keep cuttin wedges like that and they ain't gone be nobody left."

"dunner" = "dinner" (the lunch time meal) - "Oooooh weeeee, I'm gone have me a mater sandwich for dunner."

"I-talian" = "Italian" - "Have you been to the new I-talian restaurant the yankees opened up down the road?"

"Full as a toad" = "full as a toad" - "Man, the goat supper was good, and now I am full as a toad."

Love you both tremendously. God sure was nice when he gave me y'all! 



Tracy said...

So sweet!!

Amin said...

Just saw this...hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

*shawna* ...Don't know who Amin is lol