17 November 2011

Cleaning, commas and cameras

** {one - cleaning} **

I try really hard, really. 

I clean things spic n span. But, then, it is SOOOOO hard to keep it that way. What is wrong with me? 

Like tonight, first I sat down to see if I could log into my retirement benefits although I was pretty sure I shouldn't have to do this AGAIN. Long story. 

Well, I have been dreading doing that for some reason, so once I did, I felt I should reward myself by logging into FB, and catching up on some blogs.

Then, I looked around me at the dirty glasses and empty paper plates with last night's (or weeks', whatev) snack crumbs on it and thought, "I need to get back to cleanin this piece up."

So, I gathered the dirty plates and dishes up, but then, I thought about all the gross dog hair on the top blanket of my bed.

So, I picked the blanket up, took it downstairs to wash. 

Came back upstairs to realize that I'd left the gross paper plates and dirty dishes on the nightstand.

Then, someone commented on my FB, so I went to check that.

Went downstairs to get the vacuum cleaner. Still didn't take the dirty dishes down.

See how everything I do takes forever?

** {two - commas (and apostrophes showing possession)} **

Two times in the last week I have encountered this dilemma:

How to use commas when there are items in a series.

I swear to y'all, I was taught this way (and I wouldn't have misunderstood this because I am anal about grammar - although I do some things the wrong way on purpose on this blog because it makes me feel free like I am someone else .... because I am tired when I am editing and miss some thangs, I feel like writin the way I talk, orrrrr I'm feelin lazy-rific).

Anyhoo, this is how I was taught:

I had some eggs, toast and juice.

No one else I know was taught this way apparently. Most people were taught this way:

I had some eggs, toast, and juice.

Both are considered correct. But I HATE THAT. This is why kids are soooooo confused and cannot write - because the English language makes too many things "correct" ... like dived changing to dove, and sneaked changing to snuck (or vice versa, I don't remember).

I think whatever you were taught first seems correct to you. I didn't think anyone cared, but apparently so, according to Pinterest.

Not using the comma and "and" together can apparently make it sound like you are using the last two items in the list as names for the first item in the list (naming the strippers JFK and Stalin) or addressing the last two items in the list (telling the toast and juice that you had some eggs) ... both cases in which more punctuation/capitalization would be needed to make it correct - so, I don't think the lack of comma with "and" should cause confusion, but that's a whole nother issue.

anyway ... other Pinterest funnies:


Oh, and another thing that's "correct both ways":

Mrs. Davis's boots.
Mrs. Davis' boots.

I prefer 's because it's consistent - all other singular nouns get 's so why not ones that end in s?
Just sayin.

I hate crap that's correct more than one way! Stupid!

What's your take? Or do you not give a shiznatti?
Do they make medication for this?

** {three - cameras} **

What camera should I get in the $400ish price range? I have no knowledge of photography.

I needs advice help.


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