16 November 2011

Runnin off at the mouth

my legs hurt

my back hurts

i have done nothing to cause this pain

my name is no longer laura, thanks for clearin that up

when is it friday?

i can hear brody givin himself a bath * gross

i want to go night night * it's not even 7pm

i can't wait for acupuncture on friday

i tried the socks visible with knee boots trend today * some people said i looked precious

it really bothers me when people say, "okay/mmmkay" after every.thing.they.say. okay?

this is not how you say this: "for all intensive purposes"

this is also not how you say this: "all the sudden"

i'm typing this using no capitals because it's my birthday

no, it isn't

there is a chick at work who alternates sips of hot coffee in one mug and either cold diet or regular mountain dew in another mug

i sang to motivate someone * they told me i had broken their ears

whenever i stretch or sit up straight i can hear my upper vertebrae popping * this is totally normal, i'm sure

now brody is licking the bottom of my foot * freak

this post has no point and is in no way helpful to anyone

two more days til viernes!


Miss Lizzie said...

I want to go night night too. Like every night at 7 pm. What's up with that?

For all intensive purposes...hehehehe

kiminnc said...

Much love for your randomness!

Tracy said...


My back hurts also- weather related?

Denise Pacurar said...

You cute.. this post gave me a few giggles :)

xoxo Denise