15 November 2011

I Spy - Guns N' Roses edition

to me, the best two songs that GNR eva recorded are: 

{one: November Rain}
I spy ...

* 18,456,234,809 cigarettes
* a groom wearing a very sharp ring
* a best man (?) who peaces before the ceremony is over to perform a bomb ass guitar solo outside the church, which happens to be randomly alone in the desert
* a white bow atop a bride's head
* at least three pairs of cowboy boots - one of which is at a funeral
* chaps
* a bride in a long black dress at her reception foreshadowing?
* a cake topper with a long haired, strawberry blond groom
* a casket with a mirror half way down the deceased's top half

just to name a few.

{two: Don't Cry}
I Spy ...

* Captain Axl Rose Morgan?
* a picnic at a graveyard
* a mayjah cat fight
* a concert on the roof
* more cowboy boots
* hella tight leather pants
* triple axl - all in one room ???
* tight man jorts
* another funeral
* a baby with creepy grass green eyes

If you had to chose, Slash is way hotter than Axl, no? Eek.

The songs, I get, and LOVE.

The videos ... what kinda video would it be really, if it made much sense? Of course, there are theories out there, but it's more fun to just wonder What in the hayull right?

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