14 November 2011

Diabeetus, you need to get a d*** job!

It just melts my heart how absolutely excited beyond believe Brody is to have someone to throw his ball for him. That's it. He's just happy we're home and that someone is taking time to play with him.

Total dog heaven for him.
if you look real close, the ball is there ... it's just hella nasty from his slobber and the mud and dirt




Isn't it just lovely?
And sometimes those happy snuggly thoughts come in handy to keep you from havin a mini stroke when you get SHIZ like this in the mail:


WHAT the deuce?!

breathe in.

breathe out.

and as I type this, my heart is still full with joy as I listen to Brody tear into something and breathe heavily and grunt and chomp like he is devouring a corpse -
nope. just his bone.

Like I said, it's important to think happy thoughts. Like, at least we have insurance. At least we have able bodies to work to earn money to pay to take care of my health at all. And, I have to remember, it's God's money that He's trusting us to manage anyhoo. And, we thank Him for that.

I did a few more breathe-in breathe-outs, prayed for God to help me chillax, thanked Him for His provisions, ate some supper, and then smiled that I had made some winter decor for free. We already had the white spray paint. ;)


My mama also had this darlin wolf from a calendar. I'ma frame him up soon.


Keep on smilin. Four days til the weekend. And, next week is THANKSGIVINNNNNG!!!
and I'm gonna learn how to knit 



Tracy said...

I wish that I loved exercise as much as Brody does.
I do love to eat as much as Brody does.
Not the same thing, is it?

Charlotte Beecham said...

i love your blog. Great vibe.
would love it if youd check out mine as it features my recently launched scarf line 'Charlotte&Lisa"


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...


I just found your blog and I am also a type 1 diabetic :) I am also pregnact and can totally relate to the CRAZYYYYY Medtronic bills! Its outta control!