29 December 2011

Bish, Come Back, I'm stuck!

Isn't it fun when your frands come stay with you? This here shugpie is my girl from high school, and she blogs over at Life on the Rox. She and the hubs came to stay with us for the bowl game, which was completely magical. You can read more about that in yesterday's post. (Go Pack!)

She's the kind of friend you can count on to help you out ... like when you get both of your legs stuck in a fold up chair at the Panthers' Stadium.


And laugh with you for at least 5 minutes until your makeup done run all down your face, and all the car ride home, and then again the next day, because your husband says stuff like, "Yeah, coyotes (pronounced Kai-oats) be eatin' people's cats n shit" Umm, what Anj?

Annnnd ...

I just had to show y'all the magical prizes she brought me from  Smitten.


Is this not right up my alley? The idea is to wear several necklaces at different lengths. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I would see and bout die for, but talk myself out of because I don't need it.


She brought me these too. 
Hehehe ... Anne Taintor cracks me up.


Thanks Ber! xoxo!!


Happy Hump Day!!


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Amber said...

I LOVES!!!!! Thank you :)