30 December 2011

Undecorating the Mantle

It's time. I'm tired of seein' it. Time for the Christmas decor to go. Here's a pic of the mantle decorated for Christmas .... posted about it here.


I decided I was still diggin the sled ($15!!!) and I'm lovin that old window. Still deciding if I'm okay with it bein naked.


That was one of our wedding pics in black and white, and I never got around to buying a frame for it. Then I found that magical one there, and it was obviously too big. I really like the look of black and white against a contrast of color and pattern. So, I found an old vintage pillow case, used it as matting and folded the excess around the back of the frame before putting the backing back on. That way, I can still use the pillow case later on for something else.



Wanna know what I've been eating too much of? You do? Great! I'll tell you.
Somebody left some cheddar popcorn at our tailgate, so I sure did dump it in our Monster Mix from Target, added Crispix, and then added more mixed nuts. Pair with a Diet Coke = de*friggin*lish.
I didn't want to keep that to myself.


Now I gotta actually put all this Christmas magic back in boxes and into the attic. And vacuum. 
My fave. 

Peace out.


Amber said...

Can't you just leave the boxes of Christmas stuff in the living room with the other ones in the corner????

Bridget said...

Super cute mantle and picture frame! I love the photo of you and your husband. Thanks for checking out my blog :)