19 December 2011

Who on a Shelf?

Do y'all know this guy?

There is a whole cult on Pinterest featuring places to hide him. I was catching up on one of my most frequented blogs today and found a whole post about Elf on the Shelf. Cracked me up.  Kim usually does. I got to thinkin, (this was my comment on her post):
Friggin hilarious! I like the thought of hiding something small and creepy in your home to spy on people. I didn't wanna pay $30. I don't have kids. I want to play this game all year.
So, if you have been living under a rock (ie, you don't have kids or friends with kids, or know small children, or stalk Pinterest), Elf on the Shelf is this felt Elf that costs $30 at Target. You hide him from your kids in places where he can spy on them, because at night, he high tails it back to the North Pole to report to Santa if your kids are bein' good or evil.

Don't y'all think this would be a fun game for adults to play? Who needs kids? And for that matter, why's it gotta be an elf, right?

I decided to save the 30 bucks and use somethin we already had layin around the house. 

Enter Meerkat figurine.
(Me and the hubs loved us some Meerkat Manor.)

Mr. Meerkat is layin his tiny little self around the hizzle somewhere right now, for Mr. Davis hid him from me. I'll let y'all know where I find him. 

If it's appropriate.


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Amber said...

I would like to post a similar post with the title, "Who dat is??? ...on da' shelf" ? - BTW I am still hiding under a rock with my Clayton/ Wilborn mishap...Shreik!