13 January 2012

copycat linkup - scarf edition

I think it is safe to say I am developing a sliiiiiiiiiiiight scarf/cowl/neck-decorating obsession. I think Pinterest is partially to blame.

Anyhooz, I came across this fabulous link-up hosted by Sarah at Frills for Thrills. What a great idea! We all hoard up ideas from Pinterest ... so why not share when we try them out? Fashion ones specifically.

Frills for Thrills CopyCats

Here are a few I tried, with instructions for each:

_____________________________________________________fringe tshirt scarf


pinned here
instructions found here

_____________________________________________________multi-strand tshirt scarf


pinned  here
instructions found here

infinity tshirt (pillowcase) scarf:


Once I was on the tshirt cutting kick, I was kind of led into this idea, although I didn't get it from a specific pin.
"Hmm. What is tubular shaped that I could easily make an infinity scarf out of?"
"Heeeeeey! How bout one of them pillowcases from the tshirt sheets we don't use anymore?"
"Great idea, Shug!"
* you could also use the lower half of a tshirt like you do for the others, but I feel like it'd have to be a large/tall one in order for you to have enough to wrap around more than once since you can't quite stretch one big piece of fabric as well as you can individually cut pieces like you do with the first two scarves above.

take an old jersey "t-shirt sheets" pillowcase (clearly they don't hold shape very well and seem to stretch rather easily) and cut the seam off of the open end (on the left in this picture) and cut a slit to open up the closed end of the pillowcase (on the right in this picture):

streeeetch the remaining "tube" ... or have someone else, like a dude, do it (wasn't as stretchy as I hoped ... or maybe I just need to workout, but whatev)


twist it up and rock it out.

the end.

Happy Scarving!!


Summer-Raye said...

I can't wait to try this out. so cute
come check out my yummy giveaway!

Tracy said...

Wow. How creative!

Taylor Morgan said...

I LOVE Pinterest. I need to be better about making all the fun stuff I see on there. Good job for actually getting it done unlike me :) you have motivated me to get on some projects!