14 January 2012

I got the hiccups, holla if you hear me

yuck. and I get the kind that are LOUD. and HURT. uncontrollable.
holdin breath? nope. 
somebody scarin me? nope.
ignore them, they'll go away on their own. nope.


well, my loves, I'm bout to tell you how to get rid of 'em. have no fear.

you gone think I'm crazy. but I am not. I am fo realz.

try it.

1) get you a glass of water (gotta be water)

2) bend over and drink it from the "wrong" side of the glass. pretty much have to, or you will be pourin water all over the floor ;) drink the whole glass, one swallow after another ... don't stand back up until you've drunk it all.



you know I wouldn't put pictures like this of myself on the internet if I didn't stand behind it 100%.

Happy Saturday shugpies.



A.B. said...

New here... I've done this numerous times and can definitely back you up by saying, IT WORKS! :)

lynn said...

too funny, but i'm glad it worked:)

Anonymous said...

I've been getting the hiccups a lot more lately so I'll be doing this next time.