18 January 2012

I Confess.

Seems like a silly title ... everyone's doing it. More like, "A list of Random Stuff I do/like/think that's weird and pointless, but I feel like blogging, so I'll type this out". Doesn't that sound better? But it's cool, because this girl here loves a good reason to write a random list. So, here we go ...

1) In the last couple weeks, I have eaten a totally unhealthy amount of peanut butter. Most recently, I've become obsessed with getting a whopping spoonful of peanut butter and dipping it in some apple sauce ... nice, COLD applesauce, and slowly eating a little of the peanut butter with each spoon-lick of applesauce ... so that, maybe after say, five dips of applesauce, all the peanut butter from the spoon has been eaten. True story.

2) Riesling is better in this here margarita glass because our wine glasses are dainty and I hate them don't wanna hold or break that shiz. Good call, Boeger.


3) I haven't worked in several weeks = night night pants, hoodies, no makeup, knitting, blog stalking, playin with the Nikon, occasional drives to Wendy's for free Jr. Frosties.

4) I wish yoga pants were appropriate work attire.

5) I am SICK to death of hearing people say "adorbs" and "loves" and "brillz" ... wth?  It felt good to get that out.

6)  If I had a clone who could do anything for me, I'd hire her to deal with my diabetes ... count the carbs, change the site, change the sensor, calibrate the sensor, think ahead about bolusing 20 minutes before I eat, decode random spikes and drops that change day to day for no apparent reason, DEAL WITH INSURANCE COMPANIES AND MAIL ORDER PHARMACIES.

7) I dreamed Brody was a black wolf and didn't want any of us to leave our "yard" in the village we lived in. ?????


8) I am completely hooked on words with friends, WWF for short. sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and if I don't fall back asleep immediately, I may or may not creep over to my phone and see if it's my turn to make a move. Could be worse. Right?


9) My goal to cut back (much less quit) consuming loads of diet drinks and caffeine? Failed. Miserably. Well, kinda. I have been off caffeine for 4 days {!!!!!!} and it's really not tooo bad until right about now ... right after supper, I wanna GO. TO. SLEEP.

10) I wonder how much time people invest in making up a "facebook middle names". I made these names up ... if one of them happens to be yours, lo siento, Shugpie.
Darryl Pimpinainteasy Honeycutt
Tammy Blowyamind Rogers
D'Marcus Lemmebeyobabydaddy Johnson
Everett Howyouspellflagship Withers
... you get the idea

11) I may have fulfilled a craving for bbq chips by having spoonfuls of regular, smashed ruffles dipped in a nice cold packet of Mcdonald's bbq sauce from the fridge. and a side of cheese.


12) I told the precious little guy at Discount Tire that I wasn't ready to get Anj's truck back after the tires had been rotated because I had dropped a stitch in my knitting, and I had to undo several rows, and if I transported the unfinished scarf in such a condition the entire thing would come unraveled, and could he kindly just leave the truck randomly sitting at the door until I got a grip on things? ... Luckily, I got it under control by the time he brought it around. He even apologized for turning the truck off ... "I'm sorry. I would've left it runnin if I'd known you'd be ready.' Precious. Just precious.
12b) I am a total rule breaker when it comes to knitting. For some (unbeknownst to me, but I'll prolly find out later the hard way) reason, "double knotting in knitting is a huge no-no" ... when you have to add another skein of yarn, you are supposed to just pick it up and then weave the tail end of the yarn that's exposed into the work. Well, screw that, sugars. Why? I just knot them thangs together in a double knot, pull it as hard as I can and snip, snip. I can't even find it after I do it. So, who cares? Makes ma life easier. Such a rebel, I know.

13) I am so exhausted. Wonder if I go to bed at 7:35 pm, I might wake up at 3:30 am? I'm thinkin prolly not. 



Amber said...

I "loves" this post and You! And WhyTH you never play Words with Friends with yo' BFF shug? I'm an easy win (imagine that).

A.B. said...

HAHA Love it!! I giggled at the chips dipped in bbq sauce.. Why have I not thought about that? I totally wish Yoga pants were work attire, I would never change pants.LOL I'm totally addicted to WWF... Great post!