16 January 2012

Pretty Little Liars

Remember forever ago when I posted about my new found love of PLL?

Well, I totally failed on the whole, "I can't wait til January so I can start watching new episodes" thing. But, I realized it, and guess what? THERE WAS A FRIGGIN 7-EPISODE MARATHON today to help me catch up on whatever I missed! Holla! Hubs and I both were home, and although "he didn't watch", he sure did ask 1.25 million questions. (He loves it too).

Bad part? When you watch for 7 hours straight, and then, there is no more ... ? SUCKS! Waiting til next Monday night is gonna be rough!


I have never been hooked on TV. I can be home by myself all day for weeeeeeks and I don't even turn the TV on. That is, until I discovered this show.

Kind of hard to catch back up when you came in way after the show first aired though, because you have to rely on google, and then there is the book (s?) ... and the stories aren't the same. People be sayin all kinds of random stuff, y'all. And I'm like whaaaaaaaaaaat? This is awful! Torture!

It says a lot too, that I don't want to strangle all the girls after watching them this long, because it usually doesn't take long. But - instead, I am like, man, I wanna grow my hair out so I can attempt (and fail) to get my hair to wave like that. Or .... hmmm, I really like her eye makeup. 

And you know where I inevitably end up after I watch? --------> the abc family pll website or Pretty Little Liars - The "Official" Site. 

I need answers!!! I need to be in some legit weekly chat session so I can ask questions because these peeps on the website in the "blog party" just keep saying, "Ooooh, he's cute!" or "I loooooove this show!" I mean, GYAH, they act like this show is geared toward teenaged girls or something. Sirrusly.

Anybody else hooked?

Oh - and can anyone confirm this? (The TV show version of the story!) What happened with Jenna goin blind? This seems to explain it the best, I think ... again, the TV VERSION.

And know what else, these chicks always talkin bout grabbin some coffee ... or they're always walkin around with some coffee. And, duhhh, you know I want some after I see them all with it = not good at 8:00 pm = me up all night long.

The moral of this blog post is .... TV is bad. 

Now, I have to go wind down so I can go to sleep.
Sad, I know.



Amber said...

I'm hooked on Revenge and the Good Wife. I have a tendency to start liking shows too late. But that's good cause then you can get caught up and watch a whole bunch at one time. It's like crack and then you feel like you have nothing to look forward to.

A.B. said...

HAHA. I've never seen the show, but I'm also not a HUGE tv fan. I have a handfull of shows that I keep up with. However, I know what you mean by finding a show that you have to play "catch up" on and can't wait to see what happens next. My latest addiction...and it's not even on anymore.. 24. Jack Bower is THE man! LOL

Anonymous said...

Bahahahaha! :D I've never seen that show, but I know what you mean! We watch our TV off netflix, so we will watch entire seasons at a time, and then go crazy waiting for them to get the next season lol Tv is bad :P

Anonymous said...

The thing with Jenna being blind is that the PLL apparently caused it and inadvertently blamed it on Toby. That's why they are afraid of A, because she knows.I love this show too, yet haven't caught up with all the episodes I have on the DVR since August(?).