07 February 2012

American Kids or American Parenting?

First of all, people, no, I don't have kids. This is not an attack on y'all's parenting skills. Mmmk? Okay, thanks.

Came across this article on French parenting (versus American parenting). We all know those kids we wanna smack the fire out of. (Or really, you kinda wanna smack their parents). Screamin. Tantrums. Talkin to their parents like last week's trash. Slangin out demands. Flailing.

Do y'all feel like more often than not, kids run the show in the average American family? They are taught that their schedules and their every need take precedence over every one else's ... even their parents'. When a kid needs something, they need it now! If they did something commendable, they need instant praise. Instant gratification for every decision and choice. They eat what they want to eat, and nothing less - when they want to eat it. Taught from the get go that the world exists to ensure their happiness?

I do.

someecards.com - Screw dinner! I want ice cream and sprinkles! STAT! Don't even ACT like you don't know who's boss!

My childhood memories were more like this:
* Here's what's for supper. Eat it. Or don't. (And it wasn't chicken nuggets and pizza).
* Do what I asked you to do or you don't get _______. (The kicker: I really didn't get whatever it was. It wasn't just an idle threat).
* If adults were talking, I better find something else to do - unless I had to pee really badly at somebody else's house, and I didn't know where their restroom was, or my blood sugar was mega low.
* No meant .... (drum roll) .... no. (And if I kept asking? Grounded for disrespect.)

I won't go on and on, but I'm just sayin ... children are to be raised to be adults ... God trusts us to RAISE them ... they won't raise themselves. And there's this argument: "They're only little once." True. Children should enjoy childhood. But they don't magically morph into responsible, respectful adults from playing and getting what they want all the time.

The end. Talk all the shiz to me you want when I have kids one day and they are totally out of control hell raisers. I'll blame it on the government. People seem to like blaming politicians for all the crap they can't get together.



Tracy said...

Just remember, grandparents get to indulge & not worry about the discipline part...

Abigaylemae said...

Preach it Shug! Know what else cooks my goose? Is ALL the kids programming on tv now...I mean we had 2,4 and 8 for cartoons and that was pretty much only on Saturday for half a day. Kids have entire TV networks at their disposal 24/7 these days and complain that there isn't anything on...The satellite folks are in on this too b/c only the higher priced packages include the major kids channels...

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

I agree - but I'll be the first to admit that my kids are not at all how I thought they'd be...it's just so damn complicated! And there's so many of them! And I don't know WTF I'm doing!

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

Just read that article and have to say, it was really amazing! I love that concept and 100% believe that you should be firm in the ways you teach your children when they are young, so that they grow up into respectable adults!

Kelly - La Belle Coeur said...

This is pretty hilarious.
I learned early on to never give into my kids. If they want to have a tamtrum in the store, then they can go for it. I'll walk away and they always follow. Don't feed the fire I say.
Parenting is always a work in progress but I agree with a lot of what you say!

Much love, Kelly