12 March 2012

it's time for a brain dump

1) my job is about deadlines, soooo, I deleted the "Photo A Day" page. too much pressure.

2) i think we are stuck in a permanent full moon.

3) i had some bomb frozen yogurt this weekend.


4) and i got a new ring from Malaysia from Hubs Davis.


4a) couldn't take the nails. BUT i cut them, didn't bite em off. ;)

5) pretty little liars comes on tonight.

6) i've actually gotten exercise for the last three days in a row. mayjah.

7) my laptop is ready to die. bless its sweet, slow heart.

8) i love Coach Gottfried.


8a) but would not love him as much if he wore shit like this:


9) two more weeks til my break. the countdown is ON.

10) bradford pears are beautiful and stank like SOS pads. (i've taken lots of pretty pics of them on the nikon, but I am too lazy to upload them. sooo, here's one taken w/ my phone, through the window, with the reflection of my face off the glass.


11) today,  i got an ice cold diet mt. dew - in a can. and still, i only drank half of it. accomplishment, say word.

four more days ...........



Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Love the list girl! That frozen yogurt looks pretty amazing!

Abigaylemae said...

LOVE the hit on Roy's duds...bahahaha. I HATE UNC, but I will admit that the jacket would have been sweet WITH A SOLID TIE and likewise for the tie. The tie woulda been sweet, but with a SOLID JACKET.