15 March 2012

thanks for the little things


What a week. I'm past stress and now entered into a state of almost numbness. But - I can say this. Throughout my life, God has never given me an extremely difficult situation without also giving me friends to help me through.  What a blessing.

I'm so very thankful for friends. And for my wonderful husband. Blessings that not everyone has.

After a very stressful day, I just wanted to ride around on back country roads in the warm night air. For as long as I can remember, I've always loved to just ride to relieve stress. As a baby, my mom would drive me around to get me to go to sleep. As a teenager, I rode around with my friends to vent and get things off my mind. It's still one of my favorite things in the world. Especially at night.

These are two songs I've discovered (thanks to Pretty Little Liars) that I am now obsessed with. And they make my drives that much more relaxing. It's all about the little things. :)

Wicked Game, by Gemma Hayes

Don't Leave Quite Yet, by Adam Agin

Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend.
Find something positive to smile about and be thankful for.

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