03 April 2012

an (almost) clean house, and a jacked shoulder blade

I'm on this crazy cycle of staying up til midnight and sleeping until 10:30. Booo. No bueno for realz. I am like a teenager. During the week, (when I'm working), I need 9 hours. Yep - I go to bed at 9:30 if at all possible. You people who run efficiently off of 7? Or less?!? BLOWS my mind.

Anyway, I felt energized after I woke up. (Hell, after 10.5 hours, I ought to, right?) Then, I went cray and cleaned out and organized the closet upstairs.



(If you don't have a scarf hanger {got mine from Ikea}, then you should get one.)

I also organized all my drawers. (Hardy Har.)

Then I vacuumed.


And cleaned the toilet.

And the bathroom counters.

And the bathroom floor.

Washed the bathmats upstairs and down.


And the baseboards. (wth??)

Put a bunch of shiz in a box for Good Will. Again. This is like the 3rd big box in two months.


You people who enjoy cleaning, or who clean to relieve stress ... big ups. Makes no sense to me.

Now my blood's low and I'm hot and funky. Prolly won't do this again til next year.

Yay for bein' productive!

PS - Tomorrow is me and the hubs' 3rd anniversary!! There is some gluten free beer and some tater tots in my future, y'all - per my request. ;)



Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary!
Dan's & San's too, right??

Abigaylemae said...

Yes ma'am...A scarf hanger is a must! Love them black boots too - they are friggin adorable :O)