09 April 2012

Diabetes Advice: Maybe stop eating around the clock ... ?


This is what my endocrinologist said to me at my last appointment regarding my sugars going up and down and round and round. Maybe she worded it a little differently. But - I LOVE to eat. And I feel hungry ALL THE TIME. Or, at least every 2.5 hours. So, I tend to snack all day, rather than eating a massive amount at once. {Althoughhh, sometimes I do both. :( } This is the first time I've uploaded sugars for her to look at, and it's such a whack mess that she's like, "Ummmm."

So, recently, (ignoring this weekend - yikes!) I've been trying to eat 3 solid meals a day  - and one (carb-containing snack) at close to the same times everyday. Each "feeding time" will be approximately 35-40 carbs, and low fat. This will help to hopefully see clear patterns and remove the guesswork from eating at all odd hours of the day - different amounts of carbs - fat here, no fat there, blah, blah, blah. 

If you are a diabetic and reading this, please hear me: eating fat + carbs together (like my beloved french fries/tater tots/hashbrowns) = havoc. I love em, but they jack my sugars up. Then I feel less in control. Which leads to pissed-off-ness. No bueno. Also, I think, being diabetic, I SEE the extra work it is on your body to process crap like fries and burgers. So, non-diabetic peeps' bodies are struggling to deal with foods like that too, they just don't have data via blood sugar uploads that I do. So much easier for the liver and pancreas to deal with low fat, lower carbs at a time. I can say, even though diabetes annoys the crap out of me, it does force me to treat my body better than I probably would if I weren't diabetic.

Anyway, this new plan means I HAVE BEEN HAWNGRY. 

So, to "cope", I allow extra snacks, but they gots to be fatty and proteiny and really low carb. (Keep me full, but the super low carb snacking between meals means no spikes in blood sugar.)

Enter my BFFs : Cheddar + Peanuts ( + Caffeine Free Diet Coke)


But - it is helping! Sugars are flatter than they were. We no likey the roller coaster effect. IMPOSSIBLE to figure out. 

My endo. always takes notes on the computer during our visit, about any and everything, including just general concerns, conversation we have. So, I jokingly said to her that she should type, "Patient is neurotic perfectionist." But, she said she wouldn't since that applies to her as well. Because, accepting that sugars will never be perfect is part of the treatment.

Happy Monday!

PS - Did y'all know they are trying to get a Diabetic Barbie on the market?!? Do y'all remember my post about all the shiz that would come with a Diabeetus Barbie?


Tracy said...

Keep several different brands of nuts on hand. That's how I manage. I throw some raisins in with them if I need to for potassium benefits.

Jamie said...

Glad you are getting it under control!

Mrs. Monologues said...

Good for you for taking control. I hope it gets easier. Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I LOVE me some cheddar cheese!! I could eat a whole block everyday.. ha