10 April 2012

dreamin {special thanks to Diet Coke & Starbucks}

Whattup, peeps? Guess what? I may have had 3 Diet Cokes and a Grande Mocha Frappucino in a 2 - 2.5 hr. time frame. Welcome aboard. 


I decided, I am in love with the great state of NC, and am clearly favored by God to be born and raised here - and, in the south in general, really. (No offense to you shugpies from somewhere else. Thanks for readin. ;)  )  Anyhoo, I have spent a great deal of my life in a car - either ridin or drivin back and forth between NC, SC and VA. No complaints here. ;)


I was born in the northern part of NC, within a half hour or so from the Virginia line - in a town where there's not a lot to do. Sooo, drivin to VA happened on the reg.

 Also, my dad's job moved us around a good bit growin up, and as a result, I've lived in several towns in NC, as well as a 2.5 year stay in VA. Since being an adult, I've also lived in SC twice ... so far. ;)  Once at the beach, once on the state line. I have spent, and still do spend, A LOT of hours ridin back and forth, between 2 or 3 towns, 2 or 3 times a month. And as I've mentioned before, I LOVE TO RIDE. To me it is straight up therapy. No yackin. No phone ringin. No email. Just my music. My car. My windows down.

In NC - you see lots of rolling hills, wild flowers, farmland, ponds, lakes, mountains, beaches ... hear blue grass, have pig-pickins and buy stew to raise money for a cause. People are nice when you stop for gas in a random town. Strangers say ma'am when you buy groceries. Yes, I love it. 

I especially love it in fall and summer - fresh air and ridin for hours. Today, I left from the Charlotte area to meet a friend in the Greensboro area for lunch. I was telling her how much I dream of an old house on a bit of land, close enough to family, but not close enough to neighbors to shake their hand out my bedroom window. I don't wanna hear what you're doin in your house. I don't want to wave at yo ass every time I check the mail. No offense.

Anyhoo - on my ride back, I just thanked God for a beautiful day, and for havin him raise me where he did. Just gorgeous. 

As I was rockin out to my radio on the way home, I heard both of these songs, which I am totally obsessed with.

Yes - Dirt Road Anthem is old, but it's my blog, and I say it's still magical. 

The other song - Fly Over States reminds me of the beauty that's often overlooked in a small town. Y'all know I LOVE ME some Jason Aldean.

I guess you learn to love whatever you grew up with. (Or maybe for some people, the opposite?) And the world is full of beautiful places. And while I like a little taste of downtown city life every now and then,  I'll take the sound of crickets over the sound of traffic and nightlife any day. 

Peace out, sugar lumps.


Amber said...

I'm in love with 'fly over states' - i love u for all the things you are thanks to living in random places

Mrs. Monologues said...

Your caffeine consumption sounds like mine on a regular basis. Love that you wrote a post about NC. This is one state that I have been dying to go to. Read so many books that have been based in NC so it makes me want to go and visit!

The Pink Growl said...

This was my caffiene battle yesterday! I've been struggling with very little sleep lately so I had to hit the caffeine hard!

I'm a TN girl so I can definitely appreciate the beauty that NC offers. It's probably my 2nd fav state :) Love Jason Aldean too!

Ashley said...

haha dang girl - get that caffeine! Sometimes its so nice to go for a long drive and listen to some tunes right?! :)