08 May 2012

Snarkfest in Shugville

someecards.com - Sometimes when people are talking to me I daydream about what they would do if I suddenly punched them right in the face. 

I am SO DAMN TIRED of hearin about Amendment One - especially plastered all over Facebook. Not because of the fact that I may not agree with these peeps, but because they post their political opinions EVERY FIVE MINUTES. Apparently, they are under the impression that some people are lost and need their political "guidance".

I am sick of people asking me to repeat myself 800 THOUSAND times. I am sick of people asking me to repeat myself 800 THOUSAND times. "Umm, what did you say we are supposed to do?"

PLEASE - mind yo own damn business. If you have to wonder if a friend wants your advice, they don't. Seriously. Hush.

More on that - don't be tellin people to do some shit you wouldn't even do yourself

I am pretty much ready to live in BFE.

Please communicate with other people at your company about how they JUST talked to the customer, before you send the same customer a letter sticking your foot waaaaaay on down your throat because you clearly are lacking knowledge of the 30 minute conversation that has already been had regarding the issue.

Do the job you get paid for. Nobody else wants to do it for you.

I wish people who made decisions had to actually be in the shoes of the people for whom they are making said decisions. Oh, and had to trade paychecks for a year. The tune would change real quick-like, I feel certain.

And on a really random note, inspired by a conversation at work:

I find it ironic that a gynecologist's (yes - this one is about gynecologists) last name includes the word "vulgar", don't y'all? It is also somewhat disturbing that there is another gyno who is widely known for being "that gyno who looks like Garth Brooks". 
What goes through one's mind when one decides, "Heyyyyy. I'm gonna pick this guy to take care of my lady parts because he looks like a fat, old, retired country singer who cheated on his wife"? Or for that matter, what makes somebody decide, "I know! I'm gonna be a gyno when I grow up!" But hey, somebody's gotta do it, right?

That is all. 


Abigaylemae said...

<3 your blog...ive had the same kinda week. friday's comin!!

Alyssa said...

A-MEN!! I had to sign off of Twitter and Facebook for the rest of the night because if I hear one.more.thing about this Amendment One, I will go off on someone and it will not be pretty!

Emmett Katherine said...

Hahaha I am FYI g over the cartoon that you chose for this post. The facebooktjing sounds maddening! Hide those people from your feed and call it a day. lol.

Emmett Katherine said...

Dying I am DYING. Auto correct is useless.