05 July 2012

filming at davis store

If there were ever two things I didn't imagine together, it's Silas at the store, and a filming crew for a TV series. Weird. The TV series is called Banshee, and it'll air on Cinemax in 2013. Here's a little synopsis.

There are people everywhere. They all just unpack, set up and do what they do. It's like a colony. They are also shooting in other locations in the Charlotte area. The best part is that Silas is totally unphased, in his sunscreen and straw hat, taking their waters and sampling the food for the crew. (And being shushed as they are trying to film a scene and he is in the middle of telling some story.) If you've ever met Silas, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

You can click here to check out what the store is normally like. 

We were there Tuesday evening for filming ...

Keep an eye out for it next year!


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that's sooo cool!!