02 July 2012


Things have been crazy and happy and sad and hectic. I have been itching to blog but I now only blog from my husband's computer because mine is POSSESSED. 

Soooo ....

Today's post is another one of the randoms, friends, because that is the state of my brain today. How bout you pour yourself whatever bevy of choice and let's catch up, shall we?

I wish I could have a personal driver who would gladly drive me around random back roads to take pictures of little historical bits like this one. This is almost right across the road from my elementary school. Anj and I drove out there a couple weekends ago and I was sad to see how run down the school has gotten. Although, I guess that is somewhat inevitable because the school's been there long enough for my mama and uncle to go there too. Looked a lot smaller to me now that I'm grown. :)

I would love to spend more time on my photography, and after much thought and consideration and harassing people on Facebook for their opinions, I decided to stay with Shug in Boots for the photography as well. I absolutely LOVE the Nikon and capturing the magic of the everyday. I am currently working on editing two shoots {so excited!!!}, and I will post pics of those soon.

As I'm writing, Hoda and Kathy Lee are talking about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
splitting. Okay, THANK GOD. What the hellllllllll was she smokin anyway with that Scientology madness in the first place? And subjecting her child to it?!? Com'onnnnnn Katie.

 Our apartment looks like a hurricanado came through. I will be cleaning, folding, throwing out, vacuuming, etc. with healthy doses of CMT, GAC, and Pinterest mixed in.

I have recently fallen MADLY in love with plain tart frozen yogurt. It's so much better, IMHO, than vanilla. And I put blueberries, strawberries, pecans, and almonds in it. AWE-SOME. OhhEmmmGeeeee.

I wish I had a bottomless budget to buy an 1800's farmhouse and renovate that piece. But I don't. I'm thinkin maybe a 1950's bungalow is more my speed. Any of y'all got experience/opinions about remodeling? (Lauren, I know y'all do because Jeff is the shiz.com)
IN LOVE with some columns. IN. L-O-V-E. 

The fourth is coming. It's also my birthday. But - I don't want to be hot. {It's been above 100 degrees in these parts, and I am sayin, "No, Gracias."}
What are y'all doin? I want to eat hotdogs and lots and lots of plain tart fro yo. 

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