01 April 2011

Davis General Store

"Tha store."

 I was thinking the other day how I "know" the store because it's my husband's daddy's store. But I thought, in celebration of the store tellin the city of charlotte to step off...I'd do a little blog with lotsa pictures. The store was opened in 1890 by S.W. and C.S. Davis - S.W. is Anj's great granddaddy and C.S. is his great great uncle. In the old days, it was where you'd go for flour, feed and whatever you needed to run the farm, pretty much. Goods were delivered right off the railroad tracks which are still right in front of the store. Now, yankees and people who have always lived in Mecklenburg County come around to peruse and pick up seeds, bird feed, plants, somethin specific that's known to keep the (fill in the blank) off of your (fill in the blank plant). And if Silas doesn't have it, he won't feed you a big line of horse$Hi+ ... he'll actually tell you where you CAN go to get it. Imagine. Some people like to just come in and look around. It's like a museum. There isn't much that's changed since 1890. Still gotta go outside to use the bathroom. (Avoid at all costs). There are also A LOT of men who come in to sit in the chairs in the back beside the stove and talk about the farm trip or basically, nothin at all. Reminds me of Rats in Roxboro. Here are some pictures below of what "the store" is like.

Story time with CN

Dear Charlotte - find something else to do with your "time".

Silas & Anj

NC Possum & Elk Sticks!


Always know where the phone is in case a customer calls..."DAVIS GENERAL STORE!!!"

These made me excited.

The madness behind the counter - reminds me of my granddaddy's plumbin truck & shop growin up.

The register - and some random wheat pennies, buffalo nickels and such.

If you are under 20, this ... is a phone.

Modern scare crow?
Moon Piiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee!
I don't know what this is. Old people get excited about it.

Hoes for everybody!
Treated seeds = bad snack for kids.
Seed buffet.
"Things are tough all over." 'Nuff Said.

Silas is slowly starting to sell Carhartt for the women kind.

Straw Hat and Carhartt belt. What else do you really need?

This was born the year my granddaddy was.

Get you a Davis General Store T-shirt. We gots lotsa colors!

Giant sacka peanuts. Life is complete.

Hispanic men at a rodeo. Purely AWESOME. SO MAD this turned out blurry.

Widdle people need shoes too!

Scantily clad blondes help sell boots. Duh.

Fittin Room.

These? Hmm..maybe the year I was born?

Get your horseshoes and lil shug's over-alls.

Yes. I am the conductor of a magical train.

Cornbread is so much more fun when it's shaped LIKE CORN.

Pearl snap button. Say word.

The 5th grade hall monitors need these at my school.

This --- is a "brown cowgirl boot" rain boot.

Put your baby girl shug in something besides ridiculously large bows and monogrammed clown dresses.

Get comfy while you make your boot selection.

Plant seeds and kill bugs.

Blurry cast iron pots and hard candyyyyy.

Back of the front doors.

Buy 'em and boil 'em.

Rat killaz.
Do I need to wash your mouth out with soap?!?

There's Sylvia's booty.

Come on in!

Hubs doin' work.

Beside the store.

This is train of which I'm the conductor...remember the hat from before?

Depends on if Silas brought leftovers or gets hungry enough to leave the store.


Silas likes to stay nourished while he's workin.

For weighin seeds & peanuts.

Anj uses these to blow his sensitive widdle nose.

Back of the store near the stove where all the men randomly gather on Saturdays.

May 26, 1945

Hate this is blurry - but here's Silas in his younger days - around...........THE STOVE.

Anyway, so that's the store. Appreciate your historical landmarks! They will be gone before you know it.



Emily Gale said...

LOVE the play by play...You should be a comedy writer!! Love ya, E

Justin Teague said...

Definitely makes me think of Rats! I enjoy reading your posts.