29 July 2012

summer salad: bbq chicken cobb

{sounded like a good name for it - better than "salad me and anj have been eatin for weeks"}

this is no rocket science, life-altering, recent discovery. i'm sure there are 6 million salad recipes just like it, or very close. 

but, since anj and I have been eating the hell out of this combination of tasty ingredients, i thought i'd share - because y'all know i love food, and if it's easy? even better. also, i love to share {the recipe - not necessarily the food itself}.


iceberg lettuce (crisp, watery, and easily cuts off into a wedge)
red onion (much better than white onion in this)
bacon crumbles (duh)
bleu cheese (or goat)
hard boiled egg (i only eat the white and toss the yolk to get protein but not cholesterol)
grilled bbq chicken (although i think it would be good with any meat that's seasoned/covered in marinade)

i also add black pepper and a pepperoncini

also, i HIGHLY recommend this crack delicious dressing (tastes like olive garden, i swear)

quick, easy, healthy. {except for the bacon, but hell, you ain't gotta go crazy}


Michelle said...

This looks so yummy!

Laura said...

love wedge salads and love avocado

Tracy said...

Make one for yo mama.