30 July 2012

where's yo happy?

If you are someone who
a) gets excited about lists
b) enjoys feeling all snuggly inside
c) never manages to finish a whole book {not counting 50 Shades}
then you need this. 

14,000 Things to be Happy About.: Revised and Updated edition

I haven't read the "revised and updated version" - I was readin the old school edition in high school. LOVE THIS SHIZ. It's just a straight up list of random stuff that is awesome.

If I wrote the "Shug in Boots Edition" it would include the following awesome things that make me smile and be excited about being alive:

buying new shampoo - nothin fancy. straight from bi-lo, but still exciting

stores that sell good diet drinks like diet sun drop or diet cherry dr pepper. bonus if it's in a can

the coconut smell of tanning oil

clients who are in love with their images as much as i am

chicfila sauce

chicfila fries

chicfila sells diet dr pepper

miranda lambert - her personality, her style, and her non-size-zero-ness

my friend jordan's blog

the little "pellets" of ice in the drinks at Stuart's

 a shower after the pool

 men's white hanes t-shirts, i wear em all the time

thunderstorms, especially at the beach

my great great aunt mary thelma

establishments who sell red bridge instead of nasty ass new grist

my favorite blanket ever from Walmart/my girl Ber quilted and super soft, perfect size for couch, excellent when sick

 a1c's that are better and better with every dr visit


my new header. i'm pretty much in love.

what are the little things that make you HaPpY?


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lynn said...

i'm pretty much in love with that header, too! awesome! so is your g-g-aunt mary thelma:)