02 August 2012

i go out walkin ...

Hubs and I are tryin to help each other be healthier.

We go walking every single night. 

Ha! In real life,
tonight will be our third night in a row. ;) 

Sometimes I bring the camera.

You never know what you'll see.

Did you see the turtle underneath the ducks?

They like to pose for pics. Or, maybe they think I'm bringin em bread?

Happy Thursday.



Abigaylemae said...

I LOVE picture walks!! I get to the point with my camera that I get on others nerves taking too many pictures...hehehe

Andrea said...

Hah! totally didn't see the turtle til you pointed it out! I really need to walk more! I go about 3 times a week but it needs to be every day!

lynn said...

LOVE these pics!

Shug in Boots said...

I can relate. One minute, my husband's like, "You shoulda brought the camera." And the next, he's like, "Gyahhh. Come onnnn." :)

Shug in Boots said...

I know! I am diabetic, so between getting my sugars/food intake the way they need to be for a walk, and waiting to see if there'll be a thunderstorm every night, it's hard to keep on track.

Shug in Boots said...

Thank you, Lynn!

Tracy said...