23 August 2012

It is O . . . . K! Really.

it's ok ...

+ that hubs and I have been on a "Biggest Loser" challenge for over a month and he's lost 6 pounds and I weigh exactly the same. Down to a tenth of a f**kin pound. Really, it's okay.

+ that I have been eating shit tons of these Veggie Medley sticks. (see previous comment about lack of weight loss)

+ that I have one of these half and half cocktails daily. This means I'm having two soft drinks, but only one of which has caffeine. Progress, people. Progress. At least that counts as some kind of a healthy improvement, right? Right.

+ that I am so damn over summer and beyond ready for fall. I'm SICK of mosquitos and SICK of sweatin. The summertime humidity and funk that we get around here is for Davises who have some sort of body temperature regulation problem and finally think it's "warm and comfy".

+ to wear somethin like this to an NC Stizzle game - including a not red shirt. Anj acts like this is the anti-Christ. But I get sick of wearin the same "college apparel" over and over.

I will not, however, wear stripper heels or a dress barely long enough to cover my ass cheeks. Where are these hoes' mamas/aunts/grandmas? It is a football game, shugs!

+ that I HATE water, and force myself to drink it and keep track of how much water I've had that day so I can feel guilty that I haven't had enough make sure I've had enough by the time my head hits the pillowcase.

+ that I don't watch Honey Boo Boo or any of the Bachelor/Bachelorettes or any of the Real Housewives of BFE, or give a flyin shit what the Kardashians are doing. I hardly ever turn the TV on. It doesn't get turned on until Anj comes home. {Insert lewd joke.}

+ that I don't like to throw out hubs' old raggedy v-neck Hanes t-shirts because Mama like to sleep in em, y'all. I will dig through all the new, thick ones to find an old, thin, raggedy ass one. Com-furt.

+ that the tone of my posts is greatly impacted by what time of the month it is.

+ for somebody who is diabetic as hell to be drankin on some sweet tea at a family reunion. Special occasions call for special rules, no?

+ {and convenient} that there are no dry counties in SC. However, it is weird how the alcohol sales on Sunday depend on what county/city limits you are in. #confusion. You know people be tryin to drink beer and watch the race or the Panthers game.

And just for good measure, here's some shit that is NOT OK

= that in SC, they make you put your weight on your license. Umm, wtf? Annnnd, they are good for 10 years. ........... I'm here to tell y'all, people's weight is GONE CHANGE over the course of 10 years. And there ain't even a scale. You just "tell them" what your weight is. Shit is wrong, and people gone lie anyway!

= for facebook to be givin me "poke" suggestions. Who sits around thinkin, "Hey, I ain't poked that guy I knew in middle school in a long, long time. Lemme do that now."

= for a doctor to look at me all cray because I want a copy of my own damn medical records. Don't look at me like that, playa. You make enough damn money. Now throw that shit on the copier and I'll be on my way.

= to order Diet Coke and the waiter not warn you that shit is really Diet Pepsi.

= for businesses to require a minimum purchase on credit cards. Pretty sure that shit is against y'all's contract with the credit card company.

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Allie Tarrant said...

You are hilarious! I completely agree on the over summer thing...OVER IT! and weight on a driver's license? Is it like your height where they really don't measure you? Because unless they have a scale there for me to step on...I'm gonna lie :)

Christa Waldrop said...

I am obsessed with veggie straws!! My dog even loves them... Actually. he's probably just as obsessed as I am. I have to sneak to eat them or he will go nuts!

Annabelle said...

I seriously laughed through this whole post and it's like you were sitting right next to me talkin! GURL I'm so glad that you commented on my It's Ok Post and introduced yourself! *New Follower fo sho!*

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

This is a great link up as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the gluten advice. I have been thinking about doing that. I eat a pretty "clean" diet right now, but a little gluten-free action will always help! Great meeting you sweetie! Be sure to check back on my blog to become a follower. I'll show you the same love!

lil desiqua said...

Hey, stopping by from the link-up!
Those veggie straws are addictive!
And I LOVE that outfit... I never understand why women wear skirts/dresses that barely fit to sporting events. Makes no damn sense.

Kelli Herrington said...

I love that outfit can u send it to me lol
I have several places offer a charge for using card or like you said a min amount wtf? Crazy
I am also sick of summer and ready for fall

Ana said...

hello, thanks for checking out my blog, haha yeh im english and i phrase things so differently to you guys the americans! :) I love your blog, super cute, and your it's okays made me giggle.. i also agree that its okay to want summer to go and Autumn or fall as you guys say to come and quick!! :) i want to wear the jumpers and cardigans.. lol
dont be a stranger on my blog..
Ana X

Nikki said...

I LOVE that outfit but I'm a Carolina fan ;D I love the name of your blog & that I'm not the only one who says shug on a daily basis! I'm from NC too & I hope you have a great weekend {shug!}!

Jamie said...

I'm over summer too. And all those bullshit shows, it took me forever to figure out what a Honey Boo Boo was, and yeah...fuck that. :)