11 October 2012

good shiz, brought to you by Anj Pie & Facebook

Part 1
Anj is one of a kind.

So, feeling good today, peeps. I'm on this nasty cycle of being up half the night, and feelin ragged the next day, so I break down and have a nap, which further whacks me out. Soooo, today, I had me a lil Diet Mt. Dew before lunch, thinkin I could make it over the hump, sans nap, and wow, that shit is laced.

Anyhoo. Went to doctor today for my follow up. Everything looks super. Anj Pie decided to be a doll baby and drive me to my visit because he thinks it's shitty how I abuse my friends to not only do our dishes and bake for us, but then ask them to drive all out of their way to take me to the "vadge doctor" because he is the most awesome husband everrr. Here are several reasons why Anj is awesome. (I know y'all get sick of me talkin about how awesome he is, but I don't give a shit because it's my blog. I know this is a difficult concept for some people to grasp.)

1) When I ask Anj to please come snuggle with me on the couch, what I mean is, my incisions still hurt, so you're not gonna be able to actually lay down with me. But, I still want to be close to you. So, the only way I can think of to get this to work is that you are gonna have to sit at the foot of the couch and prop your head on my ass like it's a pillow, and endure the blows of my post surgery "wind". Oops. Bless his heart. He laid there a good 45 minutes. He told me the truth next time I asked him to come snuggle with me. "Anj, you wanna come snuggle wif me, shug?" "No." "Why not, Anj?" "Because you won't let me really snuggle. You make me sit at the end of the couch with your poots." :(  
*PS, I learned from too much googling that British people who are gassy after surgery say they are feeling "windy". WTF?

2) When I get the giggles ALL THE TIME (now that it hurts to laugh, of course) Anj at least acts like he's not annoyed that I now snort/squeak/gyrate uncontrollably to avoid putting too much pressure on my guts.

3) He makes bomb ass souvlaki with tzatziki sauce. Man!

4) Always bringin the humor at inappropriate times. When we go to the check up, and the doctor asks what questions I have, I ask him when is it safe to start trying again, and B) when is it safe to have sex at all? Even the protected kind, because, duh, a girl is worried about what all that might do to my not healed insides, am I right, or am I right? I mean, I can't even cough or laugh without hurting. Pretty sure I whacked out a muscle reaching the wrong way to turn off the bedside lamp. I mean, damn. I was tryin to save Anj from havin to ask because I know he wanted to know.

Well ... after getting that answered, the doctor asks if there's anything else he can help us with:
ANJ (with his eye roll/flutter): Umm, aren't you going to ask him about going to the bathroom?" (Yay, bladder!)
ME: Oh, yeah, how could I forget?
ANJ: Cause you were too busy thinkin about sex.
 ME: What?! You're the one all worried about it.
DOCTOR: Him and every other man that comes in.
Really? Anj totally threw me under the bus. Made a funny at my expense. In the doctor's office. That's what I get. I'ma let y'all guess ... who is most concerned with when it's okay to have sex again? ...... Right.

I warned Anj that I would blog about this: (Can you even take screenshots on droids? If so, I need to be schooled. In the meantime, I present: a real picture with a real camera)



Part 2. 
Facebook awesomes for today:

1) A dear sweet friend of mine that I haven't seen in ages sent me a message after reading about my surgery. She said that she read my post last week, but just wasn't sure what to say. She of course mentioned that she was sorry to hear, and wished me well and said many positive, encouraging things regarding the situation. But this part melted my heart, and filled me up with snuggles:
I know we drifted apart but you were/are a very special friend to me. You showed me how to be confident, trust myself, BE myself and I will never forget. I was so shy and you really helped me grow into my self more and that is some thing I will always cherish.
Although this friend was a huge part of my life when we were younger, I'd never really realized how much we helped each other in a yucky time. God gives us what and who we need when we need it. If you have a friend going through a hard time (or even if they're not), you can never go wrong in letting them know what their friendship means to you - even if it's not the kind of friendship where you see or talk to each other often.

2) Another friend of mine posted this as her thought for the day, and I thought it was spot on:
Thought for Thursday--Life isn't fair, but it's still good. Your job won't take care of you when you're sick; your friends and parents will: stay in touch. You don't have to win every argument; agree to disagree. Make peace with your past so you don't screw up your present. Don't compare your life to others'; you have no idea what their journey is all about. Over prepare and then go with the flow. Be eccentric now; don't wait for old age to wear purple. Your children only get one childhood. If we threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's we'd grab ours back. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.
Tis true, frands! Seems like somebody else's grass is always greener, but you can rest assured they been through some shit too. I love this here bloggy because it's mine and I can just dump my brain out here for the most part. My entry about what happened was mostly a soul-cleansing brain dump. I've read that post 15 times myself, until I sort of become numb to it. It is what it is and what resulted is that I'm ready to go forward. I also feel so much more alive because real shit brings real emotions and real reactions from people who care. Every now and then something happens and you feel really deeply, and you also get really close to God, if you're lucky.

Good comes from everything if you look for it!

Welp, shugs. That's all for today.


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<3 <3 <3 We need that long, long lunch. Your outlook on life is very inspiring to me!