16 October 2012

dear bobo ...

dear bobo, 

how can i ever thank you enough? after coming home from the hospital, i just knew you'd make me feel so much better. you were as happy as ever to see me, but you didn't jump up. just licked and wagged and walked circles around the room. you know how you do.

you see, humans are great, but they sometimes don't know what to say, or how to act. but it would be weird if they didn't say anything because they know how to talk, you know? with you, it's so much simpler. you know that distracting me and just snuggling up with me is the standard, fail-proof cure-all. 

at first you were a little confused. i guess no one had the decency to explain to you what had happened. but they didn't need to. that next morning, you came into the room where i was sleeping, all happy, and "hey, get outta bed already!" but then, you heard me crying, and immediately, you came around to my side of the bed, got inches from my face, and threw your ball {which i know you love more than life itself} right into my nose, and you said, "here! take my ball! it always makes me feel better!" but, i was insensitive to your offer, and i said, "brody, i don't want your ball!" {sorry, i was a little emotional.} but, you didn't give up, you just came around to the other side of the bed, hopped up on the new comforter {i won't tell} and laid your head on my side while i cried and cried. it was just exactly what i needed.

we played outside some more, throwing the ball, basking in the sunshine. you let me rub your belly. you did awesome tricks for me. but, then, when i was having another down moment, you hopped right up there with me, laying your big ole snuggly self right on my legs, and laid your head on my belly {gently of course}, and stared into my eyes for what seemed like days.

you would've been a great dad, bobo. too bad someone took that option away from you.

but, in the meantime, you have done wonders for me. thanks for cheering me up, and being an awesome nurse when i needed one. 



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This is so sweet! It's amazing how dogs can sense just what you need!