17 October 2012

list of happies.

i woke up in a great mood today, despite the fever blister family reunion that is taking over my mouth right now. the good new is, today they are not causing teeth pain, swollen lymph nodes, neck pain and therefore, a bangin headache. little bastards.

anyway, my list of happies:

* the bomb old black ladies i saw on my walk this mornin. i admit, i am jealous i didn't have a prominent black lady figure in my childhood like willetta from divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood, or like aibileen from the help. now don't get it twisted -  i am not a racist. i didn't say i wanted a black maid. i said i wanted a prominent black lady figure in my childhood. won't no maids or even once a month cleanin ladies in my house, frands.

* feeling super awesome after my walk - physically, mentally, and emotionally AWESOME.

* editing photos - for clients, of course, but also because i crack myself up doing shiz like this:

* super crisp red grapes alternated with mouthfuls of sunflower seeds

* blood sugars like this. BAM!

* getting paid to take surveys. whoop!

* caffeine free diet mt. dew. i LOVE crunk diet mt. dew, and for a lot of people, the whole point is the caffeine, duh, but with surgery recovery, it's important to stay hydrated, so even though CFDMD is not healthy by any stretch, i am so happy there is a CF version. holla!

* tootsie pops. how awesome, right? just enough chocolate. not bad on calories. fulfilling because you can't just chomp it down in one bite. {i mean, i guess you could, but why?}

* this shiz, which smells HEAVENLY {although i find its name irritating. wouldn't creamy baby oil make more sense?}:


and here's what's not so awesome:

* i've read a zillion places all the benefits of coconut oil. i've used it on my skin before - cuts, blemishes, dryness, etc. however, it's supposed to be all kinds of goodness for the inside of ya body too. but, somebody share, HOW DO YOU CONSUME THAT SHIZ WITHOUT GAGGIN LIKE A MAGGOT? can i get a RALPH up in heah? woof! it's solid at room temp, so it has to be melted, or it's like nibblin on cold, crusty butter. hurltasma, right? so, the best thing i've discovered is putting it on hot toast, and smotherin that sonofabitch in peanut butter. and that's just ONE TEASPOON. any suggestions? anyone? mmmk. well, if you think of somethin, do holla.

have a magical .... what is this? wednesday? 

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