16 October 2012

why do models pose like this?

I love this outfit.

And her hair.

And I wish my legs looked like that.

But ... 

what IS she looking at? 
why do chicks stare down at the ground when modeling clothes? i mean, she seems to have a gorgeous face, right? i don't get it.

in other news, my gnarlfest bruise is getting lighter, and everyday, my belly is slightly less protruded and toddler-looking. i keep waiting for it to get flat as a pancake, but then i remember, my stomach was far from bein a pancake before the surgery. more like a bundt cake. bummer. 
oh, and i now have not one, not two, but THREE fever blisters to go with.
and i feel it too.


off to get my walk on now.

happy tuesday shugpies.