13 October 2012

Who Am I? .... Petey Pab, M.......

this video is dedicated to my dear husband Anj , who once parked petey pablo's car purple H2 (he said this was important) ... to Jordan, just because it feels right ... and to all the shugpies who lived in Berry Hall with me, especially the ones from the NC. oh, and the one from PA who helped me celebrate this song the most.

Slice was from somewhere in the Wake Co, right? Somebody said so. Wakefield? No?

this video reeks of 919 magic. just check out the signage at the beginning ... 
shiz is an epic classic regardless,  no? you know you took yo shirt off, and twisted it around ya hand and spun it like a helicopter.

and a happy rest of the wknd to you.

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