15 October 2012

i feel a strong urge to hit up goodwill

because i want ... 

 a leopard belt:

and some dude-like sweaters:
you never know. i could realllly hit the jackpot and score some old random leather jacket (yeah right):

or, some baller patterned blouse:

just sayin.

maybe i am kiddin myself. but, goodwill is where i'm gonna start before droppin some real scrilla at ohhh ... old navy or target.

that's all for now.

what fall goods are you becoming obsessed with?

{all images yanked from my pinterest board}

today will be laundry day, picture editing day, cd burning day, pandora radio day, and eat tons of creamy kale soup day. i also applied to do some volunteering today!

if you've never had creamy kale soup, you absolutely MUST. check it out here.


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