12 November 2012

baller weekend: eat, sleep, knit, visit

my weekend was snuggly and cozy, but busy at the same time.

my bro and his shugpie, boegerlicious came to visit.
we visited the store and Big Silas, ate some of Anj's bomb chili, and hit up target for some glitter nail polish and hot chocolate.


the next mornin, we got up at the ass crack, and hit up a lil in-and-out nook for breakfast. you know, the kind where you go in, order, get your grub and sit down. no waitress, just eat and leave. everything's served in wax paper and white paper bags, and you have your choice of magical soft drinks - can or bottle - the kind of place where hunters go for breakfast before headin to the stands.
anj was on cloud nine with his livermush sandwich and cherry lime sundrop.

since we got up at the ass crack, some of us caught a lil nap on the way to the mountains ...


our first pit stop was in saluda, where a man bout talked our ears offfffff. omg. we stopped at M. A. Pace General Store as well. cute lil historic general store. if you're ever in saluda, gotta stop there. we got some goodies:

we ended up in hendersonville, where we visited a lovely lil history museum which is in the old courthouse, and visited several antique shops and mountain stores. then we tore up a delicious lunch at Mike's on Main, which is in the old Justus Pharmacy est. 1882
{grilled pimento cheese, ohmagyahhh!!! -
no pics of that, too busy eatin it. but, here's a pic of the inside thanks to their website}:


kept goin til we were around chimney rock/lake lure - bought some apples and cheese, ate some ice cream, ventured down to the riverwalk. {was mad as fire that i left my dang memory card for my camera at home!!! but, it was sort of nice because i could just enjoy the day without documenting everything} did snap a phone pic of this creepy mountain mama:


between gettin up early, bein in the car, ridin all over western nc, and eatin tons of deliciousness, we were tired when we got back.
poor anj has the nose funk, too. :(


after some nappage, we got our asian cuisine on, and ended up at michael's for some knitting supplies.

sunday, i woke up to the smell of delicious sausage.
and eggs with cheese.
and hand shredded hash browns.
and toast.
and juice.

the rest of sunday was spent in a 3 hour nap or doin this:

it was a good weekend.
hope y'all's was too!


Tracy said...

Ha. I told A & E that you would blog about this. Cool!

Ashley said...

what a fun weekend! food, family and relaxation?! i don't hate it!