07 November 2012

Happy Birthday Hazel Sue!!


Y'all, today is my meemaw's birthday!

Whoop! Whoop!

The above photo is of her and my F.I.L. Big Silas dancin at my weddin. You gotta be careful with red heads.

Anyhoo, I am very blessed to have this lady as my meemaw. 
She taught me all about the love of junkin. I still remember our first trip to the Raleigh flea market when I was in early elementary school and forever and ever after that I wanted to know when we were goin back. I love that even now, my Christmas present is sometimes made of things we find while junkin.
I remember spending the night with her when I was little and we would either go eat Chinese or bring it back home. I always ate egg drop soup and a massive plate of chicken fried rice. Mmmm. She is always, always hot, so she would bring me extra blankets for my bed when I stayed at her house {still does}. And every mornin, there's always coffee.
I also remember the many trips to Olive Hill Pool in Hazel's 1985 {?} Ford Escort. That thang was a trooper. Lasted and lasted and lasted. Had like 220,000 miles on it. Where is that car now, I wonder? Hazel would always have on her plastic sun visors in like aqua or purple, and be slathered in baby oil workin on her tan.
I also begged for Hazel to give me pieces of raw dough while she was makin biscuits. Tastiness! And, when she'd make the biscuits, she would always make some really tiny ones for me, or whatever grandkids were gonna be there to eat.
One time, I spent the night at Hazel's for several nights because my mama was out of town and of course, I came down with some super rough stomach virus. I remember us walkin around outside in our nightgowns catchin lightenin bugs to help take my mind off of how sick I was. I also remember stayin up really late to watch the Miss America pageant while makin crafts. And, that time, on the way to King's Dominion {which I called King's Da Million}, I was colorin in the back seat, and we had to pull over because I thought I was gonna ralph.
 She will say what she feels needs to be said. One time, this nasty 6th grader was makin fun of me on the school bus. {I was in like 3rd grade.} And, this chick came to Hazel for a haircut. {She was a hair dresser at the time.} And, while Hazel has this chick in the chair, with some scissors in her hands, she just dropped her a little note about how I was her granddaughter and she'd really appreciate it if she could quit bein a little B. {or somethin along those lines} Now I know why that girl all of a sudden started being nice to me.

Thanks Hazel for all you do for all of us, even when it's not easy. I'm glad God gave me a meemaw that I could hang out with and be real with. I have lots of friends whose grandmothers are so far removed from knowin who they really and truly are that they can't relate enough to even have a real conversation.

So, happy, happy birthday!!
I love you!!!


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