06 November 2012

voting and thinking. together. at the same time.

What if it was impossible to vote based on race?
Or because you think the republican vice presidential candidate is wayyyyy hotter than the current one?
Or because you think so-and-so's wife would be a better first lady? {WTH does this even mean, y'all? Really? Who gives a shit what she is doin?}
What if people actually realized how little power the president has, considering the majority parties that are in congress at a given time?
What if people didn't vote for the president based on looks and his physical appearance?
What if we didn't treat the presidential election like an episode of The Real Housewives of WhoGivesAShit?

People {sometimes for dumb ass reasons} pick a candidate, and then vow to support him no matter what he does or says, and no matter how little you actually know about him. People will side with their candidate to the death, just like they would if they were their favorite sports team. It's like once they pick one, they can never change, for fear of being shunned by their village.

And you wanna believe their shit. You really do.
"He's gone do this. He's gone do that." I mean, come on, people. They all said they gone do somethin magical while they're in there, right? Right?!?!
Except they don't because they can't. They only have so much power without the support of the rest of our government. THANK GOD FOR CHECKS AND BALANCES, although I think no politicians are truly to be trusted. 

 Imagine this:
What if there was no campaigning at all? What if we couldn't see the candidates' faces? 
Didn't know their wives, or their kids?
What if you went in, and voted instead on a list of issues and how you feel about those issues, and the way the president was chosen was based on the majority of people feeling the same way about the issues as that particular candidate?
And when the president was actually elected, that's the first time you ever saw his face?
I bet a lot of people would be pissed at themselves for who they unknowingly voted for. ;)

Some voters have done their research and they truly know what they're voting for. But, their vote is still somewhat influenced by their perception of the candidate. Romney is white and Obama appears to look black. Romney's wife has raised what five boys? Obama's wife is doing a great job talking to kids about vegetables. What does this shit have to do with anything?

I was just thinking about how the American people and their reasons for voting are scarier than either of the candidates because we are obsessed with celebrity and picking a side. People on facebook arguing like idiots and unfriending people because of the political candidate that they support - not even because of their political views, most of the time.

How many people even know what Republican views are and what Democratic views are? An alarmingly low number, I'd say.

To all of you who have carefully thought about your vote, the country thanks you. In my opinion, ALL politicians are ultimately about their own rise to power. The question to me when voting is, which candidate's sketchy schemes will at least attempt to accomplish what I want accomplished while they are getting their back scratched on their power trip? That, and I try to vote biblically. Some candidates say whatever the majority wants to hear. And he can change his mind on a day to day basis. Other candidates stand for something that might piss some people off, but oh well. I hate a brown noser.

I can thank God today that He is ultimately running the show, and not either of the presidential candidates. I'm also thankful that our country isn't in as bad a shape as so many others. We have a lot to be grateful for, and it ain't because the president did any of it all by himself.

With all that said, I am going to vote for what I believe to be the lesser of two evils.

Peace out, Americans.

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