30 November 2012

know what's good?

beans. {especially black or pinto} cooked with a hint of garlic and some salt.


  served hot with some fresh diced yellow onion.
and corn bread.
and a little shredded cheddar.
i think it's key to make sure the beans have at least 6 hours to soak, overnight is best.
the best part?
well, actually, there's several:
they are good for you!
and cheap!
and super easy!

soak em, throw in garlic & salt, boil em, reduce to low for about 45 mins.
nothin like em on a cold day. 


Anonymous said...

First of all missy, your new picture if GORGEOUS!!! Love ya :)

Second, I'm obsessed with black beans, so basically we're BFF.

lynn said...

yum! and i love your pic, too!