04 November 2012

sh%t southern women say

we've all seen those little quotes on pinterest painted in a curly font about what southern girls are like ... sweet tea, pearls, monograms, rockin chairs on front porches, y'all, etc, etc, etc. and most of them make me cringe because this is a handful of random details that might apply to some southern chicks, like that's it. no offense to you prissy chicks, but there is so much more to southern chicks that dressin up in a big monogrammed hat, puttin on some pearls, and drinkin mint juleps at a horse race. most southern women i know have never done such shit. the brunette in the video with the lynyrd skynyrd shirt on is probably most like me. and of course, there are variations on southern accents. the ones where i'm from have a much less pronounced "r" at the ends of words. the southern women i know are more like the ones from steel magnolias or the ya ya sisterhood. matter fact, here's the accent vlog i did awhile back if you ain't got shit else to do.

southern families are different. southern communities are different. we do things a certain way. holidays. sundays. when somebody gets married. when somebody dies. when somebody has a baby. there's a reason northerners come down here and never go back. we're glad to have some of y'all. {then there are some of y'all who need to take your bitchin, impatience, and nasty attitude back on up yonda where you came from}

anyhoo, i saw this video and had to smile. this too, only scratches the surface, but i had to share.

while my mama never actually beat us, i can tell you i heard her say, "i'm fixin to beat your ass" at least ten thousand times and it was enough to know we better quit trippin. 

and since we're on the topic of shit southern women say, who can take a shot at the origin of the phrase tighter than dick's hat band
As in, "I can tell you now, it ain't no need in askin him for no money. He's tighter than Dick's hat band." 
My meemaw says it all the time, and I got to thinkin, What the hell did that even mean, originally?

 what are some of your favorite southernisms that were left out?


Fash Boulevard said...

hahaha, how have I not seen this video. Too funny. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. Thanks, love. xo


Annabelle said...

I am guilty of saying "I'm fixin to beat your ass!" haha This is awesome! I post about Southern Vocabulary all the time! Love this post!

Southern Sass said...

Haha love this post and so true!

Sheila Hawkins said...

So glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more episodes!
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You Just Do said...

This is great! A lady I worked for in NC pronounced "greasy" like "greezy" which I hear is common in the South as well...funny post!

Shug in Boots {Beth} said...

Ha! Yeah, girl! 'That cheeseburgah was greezy as all get out, but that thang was goooood!" :)

{Tried to reply via email, but your email was "no-reply blogger".


Ryan Carroll said...

This was too funny! I found that most of this is my everyday vocab (minus the bad words). Some more are...mash the button, cut the light on, the boot of the car, "goin to hell in a handbasket", uglier that a wet settin hen, some cuss words are called "sassy" words, I got lots girl! Love it! ~Tara