28 December 2012

dear ___________,

dear creamy, sausagey kale soup, peanut m&m's, reese's, chocolate trail mix, and sausage balls:
i love y'all but i am thinking there may be a slight correlation between y'all and the tightness of my pants.


dear lion brand yarn:
i thought the whole point of me driving to three stores to find you specifically in cincinnati red, was so that all of the spools of yarn would be the exact same color!


dear Jesus:
thank you so, so much for helpin' us out with our prayer request. you never disappoint. hope you had a great birthday!

dear people who have Nita Nikon:
please be nice. tha's my girl.

dear family and friends:
thanks for making this christmas nothing short of awesome. game time, matching jammies, gifts that were so thoughtful and unique, yummy treats, snuggle time with bobo, laughing, taking a break from life ... awesome.

dear blog:
have i told you lately how much i love you? you are always here for me to type on and play with everyday, like a new toy that never gets old. i can say whatever i want. it's refreshing. i love the smooth, light clicking of the keys on the keyboard, the fresh white on my new blog design. scanning in images or taking new ones and making photo collages. man, it is so my jam. thanks for always being there for me. you are so much more fun that writing in a journal or making a scrapbook, and you take up way less space.


dear holiday that's a month and a half away:
is it really necessary for you to be making your appearance as soon as christmas is over? i don't think people need a month and a half to prepare for you, v-day.


dear piles of christmas aftermath:
why do i feel like i have been putting stuff away for days, but there's still stuff everywhere?

dear readers:
thanks for hangin' out. your comments and interactions rock my world. thanks for loving me even though i am cheap and don't give y'all free shit to hang out.
question for you: if you are a pandora listener, what stations do you listen to while bloggin//workin at your computer? holla! {if you no likey pandora, then send me some songs, bands that rock your world. please?}



Tracy said...

Enjoyed Christams this year as well!!!

Kayla Lynn said...

can totally relate on the pants being tight...... and as far as pandora while blogging i always have it set to mumford and sons or more recently grace potter and the nocturnals or phillip phillips!! sounds like you had a merry christmas :)

Suze said...

I have tight pants too. Thanks, Xmas cheer! I also have been putting stuff away for days and my living room is still a disaster, as is my room and the baby room. Ah well. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend.

I use Spotify and I like to listen to New Found Glory radio.

The Pink Growl said...

Oh those treats! I gotta stop with the damn holiday treats! I'm not into the VDay stuff being out yet either...I mean I still wanna eat Christmas Tree cakes not heart cakes! Happy New year!

Jennifer Achebe said...

Mmmm ohhh CHOCOLATE galore!! lol.
As I read your postings I have this southern accent in my head! (not sure why!!)

Shug in Boots {Beth} said...

Ha! Me? Southern accent? :)
Here is the way I talk, if you are brave enough ... shiz is scurry. My one and only vlog. Once was enough. :)


{tried to respond via email, but you were a 'no-reply' blogger.}

Happy Weekend!