27 December 2012

the lords of berkley {thanks laura, for the title}

once upon a time,
in the magical land of raleighwood,
there were four handsome young men - two of which met in high school, 
but all four attended the nc stizzle, and lived in the same dorm


they enjoyed many, many good times in the dorms of 'the quad'
and made some friends with some other dudes in said dorm,
and with some shugpies in the dorm next door


but eventually, the time came that the four friends decided it was time to step it up a notch and get some digs of their own, complete with a kitchen, laundry room, space for the ping pong table, room to have the horse shoe tournament, a carport, grill, and space to park free of nc state parking tickets

i give you ... 'lord berk'
{let it be known that lord berk was located in the same neighborhood as a high school at which parents would clear trash and syringes from the fields before athletic events - the same high school at which the guys tried to dump trash in the dumpster, but got caught by the po-lice.}


although there were only four fellas actually sleeping and paying rent at the lord berk,
many friends were regular guests at the humble abode.

and countless good times were had by all, whether actually at lord berk at cookouts, fourth-of-july parties, at friends' cribs, or at football games or outings on hillsborough street or downtown.


the lords of berk and their friends could have fun any ol' place,
for it was about being together.


there might be beer pong, or flip cup,


quiet nights at home ... 
gyah, who invited duck lips?


they might play a little dress up,


hang out by the pool
dance parties.


house parties with horseshoe tournaments,
dogs named Biskit who bark at other animals on TV, or anytime people hug, fight, or touch each other in any way,
super loud singing on sundays at the church across the street




yes, indeed.
lots of awesomeness went down at the lord berk,
including, but not limited to:
the squatter who lived in the shed in the backyard

Cleon, the neighbor, playing Dominoes, or asking for a ride to the hotel

a door-to-door deodorant salesman, with said deodorant in the pockets of his jacket

Anj backing his silverado directly into the tree beside the driveway

Jacob's souped up Eclipse, named Quiksilver
the 13 million tin cans of danish cookies

Ryan and the hungry mans
glass-topped dining room tables, and unbuttoned boxers which may or may not have exposed the horse in the barn

a stank ass george foreman grill in operation nearly 24-7

a certain roommate Andrew making giant garfield-esque sandwiches, including toppings such as sardines, which were never eaten anywhere other than standing up at the kitchen counter

high ass grass because all roommates said it wasn't their turn due to mow it, due to fear of shin injury via gumballs and rocks that dominated the yard

Jordan wedging something behind his dresser to "lock" the bathroom that he shared with Jacob so Jacob couldn't get in, and Jacob yelling, "Jorrrrdybones, what are you doing in therrrre?" in a high-pitched voice.

the watermelon as a bowling ball {?} incident which resulted in a hole in the wall
Andrew & JJ trying to climb on the roof to 'hang out' and kicking in the den window in the process {not to be confused with the actual living room, which was Andrew's 'bedroom'

Ryan's door being kick in by ... ?

 the hole in the floor underneath the ping pong table which was "fixed" by covering it with two phone books

and, of course, the mouse that was addicted to anj's soap.


the lords of berk do still get together when they can, usually in the name of nc stizzle.


or love.
all four were lucky enough to find the love of their life.


and you know, they call each other after every really shitty or really awesome state game, at the beginning/ending of each season, at the fire/hire of a coach, recruitment time, etc.
oh, and facebook contact to harrass each other on birthdays and such.




so, here's to you, lord berkley.
how can we ever thank you enough for all the good times?
all the parties.
all the friendships made.

not just a pile of bricks.
a love nest.
have you read the story of how anj & i met and fell in love at lord berk?
a memory maker.
 protection from the dangers off new bern avenue.

you are missed.

* if you are a reader who can speak to any of the events above, please, for the love of all things awesome, do leave a comment to add to the magic, or to clarify.
you don't have to be a blogger to comment. ;)

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claire said...

This made me laugh out loud a few times! I used to love going to parties at guys houses in college just to see how they lived. It was kind of like watching monkey's at the zoo sometimes!