03 December 2012

weekend: guns, bevies & a hint of Channing

I sure hope your weekend was super awesome and that you got in some relaxation and some Christmas magicalness.
{new word, you like that?}

After setting up my Christmas goodies at the Store yesterday, we helped Ma Davis put together her furniture purchase, and then this ensued:


Kickin' Christmas off right with the bro-in-law & hubs shootin' down some mistletoe!!!

Ooooh Wheeee!

The rest of our weekend involved this:



{you can find the recipe in this post}



and this:

all up in the middle magical world of our Christmas decor and Christmas tree lights.
Ooooooooh ...

Yessssssss, pleassssssssssse.
Works for me.

And here's to a little Channing action to get your Monday off to an awesome start:



anna lizbeth said...

having a drink by the tree with christmas music... perfection!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Is that a rum & coke? I had a few of those Saturday night by our tree!

Shug in Boots {Beth} said...

I couldn't agree more!

Shug in Boots {Beth} said...

Elijah Craig whiskey & Blenheim Ginger Ale :)

Lindsey said...

Man, that looks like a wonderful weekend! I need to get me some mistletoe!!

jennie p. said...

i watched magic mike for the second time this weekend... love channing tatum :)