10 January 2013

dear errthang,

dear silas,
i am so glad i married your son. gettin' you as a FIL was the best bonus ever. i love how you run the store, and how you are part of the tractor club and went to the nc stizzle, and how you are just blunt as hell, and use words like "yuppies". if i were sayin' this out loud, you would have already interrupted me to say, "yeah, yeah, yeah," in annoyance while you waved your hand through the air.

dear wanda,
i am so excited about the store t-shirts. meetin' you gave me a glimpse into what i will be like in 25 {?!} years. you are the most southern thing ever. i love that you answer my calls with, "hey baby, how are you doinnnn?". i also find it to be awesome that you rock mustard skinnies and flats. and yes, purple over pink. {don't be creeped out that i stalked your image online, i forgot to ask for a pic today.}


dear anj,
thanks for hookin' up that bomb ass pork tenderloin for them tacos. gyahhhhhhh. to die.


dear goat cheese,
i am so mad i didn't even consider you as legit until i was like 28. you are so delicious and add so much flare and appeal to whoever you are hangin' out with. i love you so much. xo

dear yoga pants,
heyyyyyyyy. how y'all doin? awesome. awesome is the answer to that, fo sho. wearin' you makes me {falsely} feel really athletic and flexible. i am more likely to go for a walk with you on than off.


dear lemon-lime water concoction,
i am so grateful that you are here to cleanse my kidneys, hydrate me, and not gag me. it's all good.


dear alice,
thanks for sendin' me a copy of the marriage certificate of my granddaddy's parents. i had no idea they were married in VA. you rock.


dear dmd,
thanks for always bein' there to jump start my engine. sometimes, it's just too damn hot for coffee. sometimes i want my crack cold and through a straw.


dear outkast,
i always loved y'all, because y'all were rap, but not all gangstah and shit. shout out to pandora for bringin' you back to my attention. how bout some ...



dear local jeweler,
i really enjoyed our convo about christmas and how toe up your MIL is. 'preciate you hookin' up that watch battery change fo' free. annnnd, can't wait to get my charm bracelet back with my new camera charm in tact.

dear readers,
are you still here? gyahh, i love y'all. thanks for tolleratin' my lack of "-ing", and too much talk on the ectopic pregnancy episode. and my sarcasm. and my snark. and definitely thanks for your real comments, shout outs, and nominations. hell, i feel special.

dear south,
DAYUM, i love you! the fact that i was born here is straight up proof that God is real. i love your manners, slow talk, appreciation of history and the past, overalls, boots, 'naw's, 'y'all's, and 'yessuh's. and tea. and cheerwine. and sundrop. and biscuits. this could go on forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

dear CN Taylah,
the first second i met you, i asked anj where you were from, because i KNEW it was somewhere close to where i grew up. i love that you are a regulah fixtyah at the stoah. yoah accent reminds me so much of my hometown, i can't help maself. thanks for goin' to get those awesome hotdogs and pintos from the methodist church today. they wuh on point.


dear methodist church down the road from the store,
thanks for havin' awesome hotdogs {with countless toppin' choices}, pintos, and soup ... only on thursdays. thursday needed a reason to be awesome. now it has one.

dear sylvia,
you stressin' me out with your lights and shit. really? you KNOW damn well you ain't due for an oil change. stop bein' needy.

that about gets it for now,
thanks for comin' out.


Aleshea said...

Yes to all of this. Especially the Sylvia one. Haha sounds like Green Bean. I also loved how you were showing the accents when you typed. Ha, I love the South as well. I praise baby Jesus everyday that I was born in Texas. Your family is SOOO cute.

Tracy said...

Sounds like you're happy Baby Girl. Love it!

Abigaylemae said...

your fil is friggin adorable...i'd prolly say that to my hubs while punching him in the side if we saw him in public. love the va/piedmont technical explanation on dialect too ;O)

Annabelle said...

Outkast is the BOMB{dot}COM! I have a friend who named their daughter Caroline just because they loved that song! haha Silas sounds a LOT like my grandpa! Happy Friday Shug!

Southern Sass said...

Dear Shug: I love you girl!
I think I would just love your FIL. Those tacos look so good and I just love that overall picture!

Helene said...

now im craving tacos and outkast.

Beth Rowland said...

Damn, I didn't know there was a name for having a southern accent. Maybe this is why my new aquired from marriage new england family wants me to do a reading in a cousins wedding... Well color me Virginia Piedmont then.

Kelsey Homolka said...

LOVE THIS! I'm considering doing something similar, you've "inspired" me! Also, make sure to add your new ad via passion fruit. The other one I'm going to take down since it doesn't have the link working (I added that one myself and it got messed up in the jumble) Thanks!

Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

I nominated you for the Liebster Awards! http://southernbeautyguide.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-awards.html

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

You crack me up and totally make my friday.
Did I mention that you also encourage me to let all my Sass hang out? Screw being politically correct!?

Paula said...

Awesome post! Hope to see you soon :)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

That taco looks AMAZING.

Yoga pants are like my uniform.

I'm also sad that I ignored goat cheese for the majority of my life. I'm making up for it now.