24 March 2013

life lately

i don't really know what's happened with me and le bloggy. my 'omigod, i want to post every single day' thing clearly ain't happenin' here lately. but, i never wanted this blog to be a chore and i'm not a follower whore, so i guess that makes it fine for me to publish once in a blue moon. mmm, blue moon ...

here's what's been goin' on in my world lately:

my dad had a bday.
we did a lil celebratin'.

 photo party5_zps1fc6c56f.jpg
the bro and i ended the night with some bone crusher and a garage dance party.

 photo untitled-10-1_zpsb6756ca0.jpg

my meemaw, hazel came to visit us in sc that next week.
we went to the store and she bought lots of goodies,
including these sweet ass overalls.

 photo 15b1b692-4722-4511-9e38-b380eb7eebb4_zpsb3de4b68.jpg

we went junkin' and i managed to talk myself out of this rocking chair.
i may or may not be obsessed with vintage items for a nursery for the baby that i am not pregnant with.
is it rude to ask for cash donations in lieu of frou frou baby outfits when you are preggo?
i just wanna spend scrilla makin my kid's space awesome sauce and full of magical vintage things.

hazel found her a poppy painting {and tablecloth i forgot to take a pic of} to go with her poppy craze she is on as of late. i told her to holla at a shugpie whenever she gets sick of that painting. ;)

 photo collagejunk_zpsbd9e6aaa.jpg

i'm still 'sprucin' up' the store.
the organization and de-clustering are totally worth the black boogers i blow out for days afterward.

 photo collagestore_zps7bf73830.jpg

hubs and i had us a little downtown charlotte date night.
silly anj wasn't thinking about having a pocket knife going into the bobcats game, so we had to hide that shiz.
it was totally still there when we got out.
we hit up a lil pub afterward.

 photo collagedate_zpsfab4c3b4.jpg

let's talk about my mind bein' blown by this craziness.
anj was like, 'they filled my beer from the bottom up.'
i'm like, 'ughh, according to gravity, a glass always gets filled from the bottom up, no?'
but they actually fill it from a hole in the bottom!

 photo collagecup_zps454a139b.jpg

we ended our weekend at church for the Easter musical.
my BIL sang.
i cried off and on, like i always do in church.
i cannot imagine my life without Jesus and knowing that He's got it - no matter how big or small.

i hope your life has been titillating and awesome.
find the positives in all situations, y'all. 
there's always somebody out there whose struggles are bigger than your own.
be kind.
you never know where people are comin from.

and on that note, have y'all heard this song?
makes me cry every time.

love me some eric.


Sara Elizabeth said...

LOVE those coveralls! Looks like y'all have been up to a lot of fun!

Aleshea said...

:)(: Come back to us. Glad life has been full of fun, family and Jesus.

Annabelle said...

That action shot of you adn your bro dancing...fabo! Budwieser from the bottom up? I'm guessing that's another way to lessen the amount of foam? I love to sing EC's Lightning at the top of my lungs! I could listen to it over and over!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Garage dancing is thebomb.com.

I've never heard of filling a beer from teh bottom up.

Amanda @ The Barstows: Our Little House on the {West Texas} Prairie said...

My granddad wore Key overalls all the time, pretty sure he would've been buried in them if he had had a say in it, good memories!

Emmett Katherine said...

I love your grandma's overalls - she totally rocks them! It is hard to talk yourself out of nursery purchases, so good job on that. However if I could give one piece of unsolicited advice, if you see stuff you love for your future mini shug pies nursery get it, down the road you'll be happy you did!! Less work than let's say leaving it till the last minute!!

Lauren Crawford said...

hahaha. the gravity comment (and the overalls) cracked me up!