30 April 2013

things you'll never hear me say

1} this merlot is delicious.

2} i can't wait for the bachelor/the kardashians/the real housewives of who-gives-a-shit to come on tonight!

3} let's have meatloaf for supper.

4} ugh. i don't really feel like goin' to the flea market and digging through other people's junk.

5} kiddos shouldn't be told 'no' or get their ass tore up because it damages their psyche.
(or any other sentence involving the word "kiddos")

6} do y'all have diet pepsi?

7} that bike rider in his full spandex body suit is so hot that i don't even mind that he's all up in my lane, and backin' traffic up for a quarter mile.

8} we were in the same sorority.

9} your son looks just precious in his seer sucker bobbie suit. the tucks and fagoting really add to the detail, and that giant bunny really sets it off! 

10} they should take it easy on the boston bomber. bless his heart, he was too young to really know what he was doing.

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Kayla Lynn said...

Youre the besttttt :)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Housewives of who gives a shit. hahahahhaha

I am not a fan of merlot or a sorority girl.

claire said...

I'm pretty sure the one time I attempted to watch the kardashians, I ended up losing a few brain cells. Also, I didn't realize those girly boy outfits were called Bobbie suits! Not a fan.

Suze said...


Misty said...

1, 2, 3... YES!