25 July 2013

Let them drink Blenheim Ginger Ale!

Have y'all ever tried Blenheim Gingerale?
It's life altering.
And, based on our customers at Davis General Store, I'd say it's easy to get hooked.

We have people calling us to put them a case on hold.
And we have others who come in every week to buy a 6-pack.
And some people just stop by and get a single out of the cooler.
Some drink it because it's good.
Some drink it to open up their sinuses when they have a cold or allergies.
Others use it as a mixer.

It comes in:
Original Hot (pink top)
Not as Hot (gold top)
Diet (white top)

The bottling plant isn't that far from the store, so usually Anj & I make a run every few months.
Yesterday, I went by myself because hubs was tied up at work.

I drive by myself over North and South Carolina all the time, and traveling alone doesn't really bother me, but:

1) I am not a fan of drivin' hubs' truck. Its brakes aren't as sensitive. The steering feels funny, and I feel like I'm drivin' a school bus.
2) This go round we got more than normal, and as a result, it wasn't shrink wrapped on a pallet because we had to fit it in the bed of the truck without blocking the back glass. 

A few disturbing images of 1200 glass bottles of ginger ale rolling all over the highway kept popping in my head.
Betta believe I was checkin' the rear view mirror every time I turned, hit a bump, hit the brakes too fast, etc, etc, etc.

 photo ea4e151e-3706-46ad-9c0b-655ce65f47ff_zpsd9b014d3.jpg

But, I am happy to report that I, the truck, and all the bottles of ginger ale made it to the store safely.
And, we got it unloaded about 10 minutes before a torrential downpour hit.

You can check out the Blenheim website to find some near you.

Happy Thursday!


The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

I love ginger ale, but I'm totally not into anything except Canada Dry.. {I think that's the brand I buy}.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

That would make me nervous as hell! All those bottles rattling. I do love the picture though.