22 July 2013

Sylvia: Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

Soooo, after the madness of my last post where Sylvia blew out a tire on the highway and bout scared the piss out of us, I spent the last hour at the tire place, smellin' rubber and listenin' to some old dude snort and cough and hawk and swallow whatever is drippin' from his sinuses down into his throat. 

Miss Sylvia did indeed get her four brand new shoes, though.

But - when I first saw em, I was like .... Umm, they are all black.
I forgot about the whole specifying if you want the white lettering on the inside or the outside ...
no, actually, I didn't even know you could pick.
My first thought was that these tires were not worth the money we just paid for em.
And my second thought was, "What the hayull was Anj thinkin' when he picked these? He clearly did not see a picture of them first."

I bout died laughing at Steph's email saying that she had no idea that the white writing could be on the inside, and woulda been like, "Did you guys just get these out of the junk yard, because the writing's all worn off?"

Yep - that's pretty much where my thinkin' was too.
You learn somethin' new everyday.


 photo Screenshot_2013-07-22-13-17-46_zps8ee1967e.png

Y'all, I ain't eva had all black tires. To me, the white lettering goes on the outside.
I am worried Sylvia looks like a wannabe Thug Misses.
I feel one flat black paint job away from being 'Murdered Out' like Rob Dyrdek.

Fine. It's possible I'm being a little paranoid. 30 is too old fo dis, y'all.
Do you have a preference?
Hubs said they usually ask your preference. Oops.
Is there a "go to" for low profile cars versus trucks/SUV's?
I didn't know it was a thing.

Now I feel paranoid that between the tinted windows and the blacked out tires I am a po-po magnet.

"No, officer. I had no idea that I was doing 90 in a 55. Illegal tint, too? You are kidding me! I hope this doesn't mean you'll have to handcuff me."

Like there aint enough legit real-life shit to be worryin' about, right?
Sometimes I kinda feel like Sylvia has her own personality anyways, like Stephen King's Christine, or Carrie Underwood's black cadillac.
But, hopefully, Sylvia isn't that much of a psycho.


The Pink Growl said...

oh whoa hey Channing Tatum...

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I honestly never knew the words could be on the inside.

Ashley said...

dang girl...sylvia looking all fly. i like the new rubber...and i never knew that about the letters either. Pippa is more of a grocery getter and not a gangsta so I need to remember to specify....letters on the outside!

Jamie said...

She's gangsta!

Annabelle said...

I always ask for my white letters to be on the inside. Not sure why really, I just prefer it that way. I don't think Sylvia looks thuggish! Heck, I drive an all black Jeep, dark tinted windows with 'big ole tires and a lift'. lol I have been ticketed for my tint before. Sucks. When I was a teenager, I always heard stories that the po-po would run a razor blade down the tint, if illegal, just so you had to take it off. I don't think that's true. I'd be one P-Oed woman if it does!

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

I didn't know you could choose what your tires looked like. I thought they were all the same.. Unless you were a gangster then you got the upgrade to rims because they already knew you wanted that.

Dang, the things I learn from you.
Sylvia is looking slick though! GET. IT. GIRL.

Misty said...

I'd speed every day if all cops looked like Channing Tatum. Holla!