09 May 2011

Gitcha boots onnn, girl frand

I'm gittin aintsy. 

I need a concert. A road trip. A tailgate. A bonfire. A great big ACE cookout. Sumthin.

Hello Shugs,

Let me apologize in advance, cause this here's another one of the *random* ones. I feel unsettled and antsy. I can't focus. I want to do fun, meaningless mindless things that are of no benefit to anyone except for my pure entertainment and enjoyment.

The warmer the weather gets, the worse it is. Maybe I need some medication for my randomness. For one, I found this really fun toy online that the rest of blog world has known about for about 15 years, where you can pretend to shop online, but never submit your credit card number (and never get the goods either - but the creative part is still fun).

I am thinkin, next time I am in SC where only a select few know me, I may wear the following out in public - perhaps to a baseball game, and walk around with a really strong jaw like Victoria Beckham, and leave my aviators on at all times and dare someone to look at me cross ways. What do y'all think?:

I'm already half way there. My vintage-y hell-raiser boots are black, and not brown. My CVS aviators HAVE MOST CERTAINLY NOT done me wrong. I definitely have a red/white striped tank (Go Pack!) all I'm really missing is the fringe for the shorts. I don't have bad legs - but I am frighteningly close to 30. I guess that would be teetering on inappropriate-in-public-ness. It's really not that wild - just too much leg. Why is it that your leg seems decently covered in shorts - but when you put a cowboy boot on WITH said short - you suddenly feel like a JEZebel? The shugs who tailgate at State didn't get the memo. I admit that I am a little jealous of their _____ (I couldn't think of a good word to put here). Again - not many people know me in SC. 

In other news - 

I think it would be selfish of me not to share this magic:

DE. Friggin. Lish.com/getchaSOME

Greek yogurt has double the protein of "regular" yogurt and it's texture is thicker and it makes your belly happy instead of provoking it and causin it to get really really angry with the tease of regular yogurt. (What -  y'all's stomachs don't do that?) It tastes like pineapple cake with cream cheese frostin. YUM-may, Y'all!

(PS - The Yoplait Pineapple upside-down cake - BARF!)

Also have been OBSESSED with the following:

I think Eric Church is pretty freekin hot in his aviators as well. How much fun would it be to tailgate and shoot the breeze with Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean and Jamey Johnson? (I can't think of any girls I'd invite except Miranda). 

Just imagine the photo opps and quotes of the night that could spring from a night with those hottie pies (and Miranda - and of course Anj because I am a one-man woman - and Ber would prolly wanna come too - and Boeger). My birthday's comin soon ... maybe we could all chip in??

Happy Monday - four more to go!

Sweet Dreams Shug Pies!



Amber said...

you know Miranda is coming to the Raleighwood correct? (Well Cary, Koka Booth Amp.? It would be the shizzle!

Katie said...

Maybe 'chutzpah' would be a good word to fill in that blank- said in the Church lady from SNLs voice. Maybe you know what Im talking about (the c is silent)