29 September 2011

Insert Creative Title Here

One - If you are looking for a place online where you can salivate and drool into your keyboard, please, go here now:  tomato dumplings I know this person in real life, I knew she was good, but I didn't know she was this good. Clearly, I need to start bribing her into bringing delicious treats to us all. Just look at this BLT - I would SO savor this on a plate sans bread. And it would STILL be the bomb diggity.

Two - Look what I found:

So excited! My curls have been MIA for like 6 years! They are slowly creepin back into my life. Shoot - makes me wanna grow my hair out a tad. I won't grow my hair out for real long because it's too thin. Kinda like this mess here:

But if she can get away with that stringy disaster on her head, shooooot, I can grow mine out a few more inches fo definite. All you chicks out there with thick healthy hair - ugh - so jealous. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Rock that ish. Anyway - thankful for the curlage aka improved health of my hair. Gluten - you suck at life.

Quotes from children ages 5 and 7:
"Your hair looks crazy!"
"What did you do to it?"
"It looks really ... really ... ummm.....swirly. I like it."

Three - I just ate two double cheeseburgers and a medium fry from Wendy's. Somethin's wrong wit me. Maybe I'm not disgustingly full because I took the bread off??

Four - My brother got a new toy. It looks, and sounds like it should be named Randy. Don't y'all think so?

Tomorrow is Friday. Thank you sweet Jesus.

I am drivin to SC. I hope to bust up out at 3:35. Then I'm havin a reunion with Anj Davis and the dream team.

I'm ready for fall. cold. sweaters. scarves. boots. increased wearing of Burt's Bees. too much coffee and latte consumption.

If you made it through this COMPLETELY random post without hitting the X. Thanks for comin out.


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Emily Gale said...

LOVE the comment about the stringy hair...you and I have the same prob with our hair, though my curls have stayed. Hope you are doing swell!