01 October 2011

Say Word

Y'all wanna know what's awesome on this glorious Saturday mornin?

It is 50 fantastic degrees outside - with a HIGH OF 60!!!  (not 85 or 90 - thanks Jesus!)

This mornin, I went OUTSIDE to cool off. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?

And do you wanna know what's in that there mug?

Well - I woke up spent the last four days thinkin about a Pumpkin Spice Latte - clearly my hit of it on Monday was not enough. But the thing is, I HATE to rush out on my Saturdays because hubs is away at his daddy's store and I like to turn on my GAC (he hates it so I have to get it in while he's away), I like to cook me some real breakfast - eggs, grits, bacon (as opposed to my daily diet coke breakfast during the week) and sit around and take my sweet arse time gettin ready. Clearly I can't even hit the Starbuck's drive-thru with this goin on:

and by the time I spend time tamin that thing, I'm out of the coffee mood, and then the craving will have been ignored and we all know how that ends up. Next thing you know, you're downing a Venti size like five days in a row - too many carbs for my improved a1c plan, too many $5-a-pops for my husband's liking, and too much unnecessary caffeine overload.  So, long story short, I improvised - 
1 - heated some milk with pumpkin pie spice in the microwave
2 - brewed some Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla
3 - added three packs of Sun Crystals (which they quit making ------ sOOOO devastated by this - they finally get a Stevia product that tastes good and dang consumers don't buy enough so they quit makin it! Ugh!!!)

and I'll tell you this, 

It ain't half bad!

So, here I sit, crazy-haired in my pink Pine Cone Hill robe bloggin about 50 degree weather and coffee - WITH my door open - and all is right in my life.

And when I finish ma coffee, I'm goin to Sephora for some Bare Escentuals mineral makeup, friends. The drug store kind was fine for summer, but I am just frightenin without the real thing for winter. 

Anybody else out there rigged any "improv" coffee drinks out there? Hook a sister up.

Oh, one more thing friends,
all my GAC-watching introduced me to these:

Totally ordered 3 pairs.

Psych, I did not.
I could never cheat on my Walmart yoga pants.

Enjoy the weekend!!

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